Need Run as administrator?

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Often, beginners problems start because they can not run some program or file that requires administrator rights in the system.Actually Run as administrator is not something out of the ordinary and in most cases is quite simple.To start the game or program administrator, there are two ways: either you give administrative rights throughout his account, or just run it with the appropriate file system privileges.First, you should understand the settings administration, which will require to do some "magical passes".

So Run as administrator XP is as follows.Click on the cherished "Start" button and find the point where the "Control Panel."Lost and found there "Managing user accounts" and then click on the icon of the user.If you - the administrator, the next to the user will be appropriate inscription.

But what about Windows 7?Run as administrator in the operating system as easy.Similarly, track down the very "Control Panel" and find there is a point to user accounts, and then click on it.At the end you also need to click your user name.

If your account is not an administrator, you will have a bit of work on correcting this unfortunate error.To do this, you must change the type of recording administrator.In the same dialog box that appears when you click the name of your account, scroll to "Change the type of your account."Clicking on it brings you to the next screen with the settings in which to put the box in front of the type that you need.

all.Now run as an administrator in most cases will be done automatically and without your participation.But if not, what to do then?Oh, even in this case, some special difficulties should not wait.

the good old XP, do the following manipulation.It should pinch and hold the keyboard button Shift, and then click the right mouse button on the label of the program or executable file, and then in the pop-up menu will need to look for the item "Run as".Clicking on the item, select the administrator's account.If the account is password protected, then Run as administrator will be possible only with his knowledge.In older versions of Windows operating systems even easier.

So, in Windows Vista, 7 & amp; 8, follow these steps.It should click the right mouse button on the file or program shortcut, and then from the drop shortcut menu, select "Properties".It has a tab titled "Compatibility", which is necessary to look at the top part of the window.It is necessary to find the point "The level of rights."Immediately underneath it is a blank check "Run this program as an administrator" to be filled by clicking on it with the left button of your "rodent".Then click on the "OK" button.

As you can see, running as an administrator rather simple.