How did the release of Windows 8 for the whole computer industry?

not had time to calm down the passions caused by last year's appearance in the market of Windows 8 as soon we will show her "big sister" numbered 8.1.Good or bad - only judge you.Well, we try to understand how the release of Windows 8 impact on the general state of the computer industry.

So, as you might remember, a new version of Vindovs many retailers positioned as a new surge in sales of PCs and laptops.In the end, nothing happened, but because in the eyes of many Vindovs 8 looks another "failure of Microsoft."Of course, in the eyes of some home users reason for the unpopularity of the new system lies in a very different, but we are talking about the industry.So there was the so-long-awaited Windows 8 (release date in Russia so often changed) "beginning of the end" of the computer market?

It seems to us, it was not so.Start with the fact that the esteemed retailers once again made a blunder.Well, you can not compare Windows 8 & amp;Vista, if only because it is - different systems, published at different times.Judge for yourself: in many way Vista was recognized as "unfortunate" because it is "bad work" on the computers of the time.And how could it be otherwise?Then the ball is ruled XP pretty comfortable bypassing the 256 MB of RAM.A new system is required at least 1GB!It was enought to shock.

But think again, and all you ever missed 256MB?In those years, the game has already appeared, for the normal operation of which just needed a minimum of 2 GB of RAM (to say hello and ClearSky deceased project STALKER).Ultimately, the release of Windows 8 has not had a strong impact on the sales of computers for this reason.On a computer that is comfortable to work Vista, at least comfortable working as "Seven", and ... yes, Vindovs 8 also functioning perfectly on "old machines."So why users to update their computers?

Yes, the eighth version supports touch screens, 3D printers and more, but how often do you use all of this in everyday life?I think not.But what have the new version does not take away, it's a real novelty, speed and integration with many useful servers in the internet.From this perspective, the release of Windows 8 has become the most-step, which is powered by Microsoft waited for many years.In addition, the popularity of a certain future "tiled doctrine" and gave the smartphone OS with the same serial number.Yes, Windows Phone 8 release date has been assigned to the same October, spurred the interest of many potential buyers and to its "older sister."

And with good reason!For the first time Vindovs - not just the operating system, and a complete ecosystem, which can be combined not only to your PC or laptop, but a smartphone with a tablet!Full synchronization and unification is not only convenient and practical look, but really convenient in everyday life and work.In short, it is not necessary to consider the release of Windows 8 as the fault of the team at Microsoft.Rather, it is a way out of the impasse into which would eventually went all the same Vindovs 7, repeat the fate of long-liver XP.Recall that the "popularly beloved" system lingered so long in the market that is not supported by most modern hardware.