Beauty Secrets: The most popular hair extension technology

Warm season provokes bright experiment with their looks, and in particular, with the hair.Thick and long hair - the dream of many of the fair sex, which is why the beauty industry is up and creating more and more new ways to please the women.Hair extensions - one of the few procedures to give your hair the desired look.But before heading to the salon and get acquainted with the existing varieties of hair extensions.

English build - one of the first methods of building.Such capacity provides for the use of hot tar.Using a special gun master squeezes a drop of resin that holds a lock of hair from his native donor.Docking location is formed in the capsule.Donor hairs are attached to the occipital and temporal parts of the head.For the quality of the procedure own hair length must not be less than 6 cm. A length of the increased locks can be up to 70 cm. Hair extensions of British technology, it is recommended to wear 3-4 months.Then they should be either removed or make a correction.

Italian capacity , as well as in English, refers to a hot hair extensions.A lock of hair already has a donor capsule resin in its composition.To soften it uses a special heating device.Once the resin becomes fluid and supple, a strand of hair is attached to the donor's own hair.Places fastening clamp tongs to turn the resin into a flat plate invisible.Italian build-up is the most common, convenient and easy way to build at the moment.The hair extensions using Italian technology, you can wear 5-6 months.

Spanish build - this is one of the methods of cold hair extension.The process is identical to the English building.Donor strand with a special glue developed by the Spanish company, sealed with native hair.But unlike the English technology, the adhesive does not need heating.Spanish technology is not suitable for brunettes, as the adhesive has a lighter shade.Wearing such hair can be 3-4 months, then the strands are easily removed.

Capacity using beads - also applies to the cold accrual basis.This method is good for owners of coarse hair.The procedure is safe for the hair, as no adhesives in this method is not applicable building.Hair joined by a metal-clip, the size of 2-3 mm.Beads can be used to build a bang, as the strands are attached at a distance of 5 mm.from the roots of the hair.A large variety of colors to choose beads allows them just to tone your natural hair.Wearing hair extensions can be 4 months, and then the beads or removed, or made a correction.

Tape hair extensions .The method is based on attachment of donor hair on the silicone tape.Tape capacity does not provide any thermal or mechanical impact.The procedure itself takes about an hour.However, a tape capacity is not durable, just a month donor hair is removed.

Pros capacity. course, hair extensions have a number of advantages.Four hours and you - the owner of a beautiful long hair.Hair extensions - it is an opportunity to radically change their appearance, because you can build up the strands of any, even the most unusual color.This is an opportunity to please the eye lush flowing curls, without waiting for their hair grows back.

Cons capacity. the downside discomfort during sleep, especially in the first days after the building.Capsules and beads are not noticeable until the street calm.But the wind is a good fluff her hair - as a place of fastening treacherously peep.In addition, the capsule itself is hardly felt, but when there are many, the word "almost" is a weighty force.Do not forget that the hair extensions need special care and additional resources.

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