What is a home media server?

home media server is a program to create a DLNA-network using media devices and the computer.Home media server allows you to use a variety of media resources other devices connected to the network.Installation and connection of the program is carried out with the help of a laptop or desktop PC, the acquisition of additional equipment is required.

Features use home media server

Home media server supports different operating systems.Home Media Server is compatible with most brands of TVs, supporting connection to a computer, game consoles, media players, and mobile and PDA devices.

Connected devices may not support the formats of broadcast media content.Settings of the program allow you to convert content into the required format as a whole or with any fragment.Home Media Server, the Internet, television has become a common media system.

user can configure the video format according to the options screen a translating device, including subtitles (external and internal).

Connecting and Configuring a media server

Media Server can be installed from the official site.To complete the initial setup, you must run the setup file, software to install yourself.The home media server, configuration is performed on a computer in accordance with the needs of the user, it is recommended to connect to the TV and the Internet for the best performance.

To upgrade to a new version (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) must be in the program go to "your home media server (UPnP)» in the item "Distribution" and run it.Software components are updated automatically without removing the previous version.Make it easy.

To update via a file update, you must go to "your home media server (UPnP)» and specify the path to the file.The file itself must first be downloaded to a PC.If the correct path to the file, the update will install automatically.

Varieties projects home media server

TVersity is a free and a commercial version of the home media server.The program can adapt the network bandwidth, allowing, if necessary lowering and increasing flow rate.In the paid version there is the connection of various online services.

Subsonic is designed to work with collections of audio with automatic search and download lyrics.To use this software you need to start your account, having the registration process.This server solution allows you to send the same media stream in parallel on multiple players.

XMBC allows you to view the weather, photos, audio and video content.Under each resource has its own settings.Manage this program, you can use the mouse or remote control.