Flowers on the table

Making even the usual bouquet too, requires creativity and taste.It is necessary not only to pick up beautiful flowers, but also to think about the "functionality" of the bouquet.That is, we are talking about how to place it, the flowers do not interfere with the conversation, shielding of the interlocutor, and at the same time pleasing to the eye, in the field of view.It should also consider the value of the bouquet and its proportions.Furthermore, the number of bouquets on the table can be more than one, and this issue also requires attention.

When placing plants in the interior, they are selected in accordance not only with the biological characteristics, but also taking into account the location of the light sources.

When decorating a festive table the basic rule - do not obstruct flowers interlocutors or hero for the day, so in a vase should be put no more than 9 colors, and their height should not exceed the level of the eye, ie,it should not be higher than 20 - 30 centimeters.The dimensions depend on the size of its table and place that is reserved for flowers.Painting colors must match the color of the dishes, tablecloths and napkins.

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Before decorating a festive table with flowers, see what you have in your vase.If you are used to buying cheap vases, but different in shape, you have many more opportunities for the manifestation of your imagination.

looks especially good flowers in vases pastel colors with a matte, translucent surface.If you have your own garden, you must first remember what flowers grow in it and think their colors, combined with the service and tablecloth.It should be remembered that the vase is better to put the flowers of one type.If you want to make a bunch of different colors, do not get carried away with diversity, pay attention to harmony in the color of the bouquet.Flowers large, beautiful leaves put in a vase without additional greenery.Cut to the desired height flower prick on the "hedgehog" or inserted into a low vase with special holes.Flowers with weak, thin stems, poorly kept, so do the following: bind together three or four flower and put them on "hedgehog."If the flower stalk is hollow, then it is inserted into a piece of the stalk of another plant with a strong stem and only then prick it.

Remember that in a vase or dish, no matter how low it may be, should be enough water for the flowers.The lower part of the saucer can also mask the leaves.The ability to make bouquets - the same art, as well as all the other species.This requires a developed aesthetic sense, a sense of harmony, and perhaps most important - love of flowers.

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