How to check the bonus map "Sportmaster".

Sports certainly require some monetary investment.If it is to run in the mornings, to be engaged on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, push-ups off the ground, not to mention the visit to the gym, you'll need to buy sportswear and shoes.

Given that cost and that, and another today is hardly available, sports retail chains offer their customers more favorable conditions, allowing to save a little money on future purchases.Is no exception, "Sportmaster".

That kind of shops, as well as about what the club said network program, how to check the bonus map "Sportmaster", will describe in this article.

Affordable sport for everyone

Shopping centers under the guise of the same name - is a variety of shops, which operate not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries.Today we can count hundreds of points on the network, "Sportmaster" implementing sports equipment.

a store, first attracts people to create their interest in sports requisites;and secondly, the network promotes the sport.Even savings club cards "Sportmaster", which allow bonuses to pay for a third of the next purchase, play an important role.About them we will talk about in this article.

Discount Program Network

Generally, the discount program of "Sportmaster" is quite interesting.The store offers its customers discounts that are awarded as a bonus for every purchase.Thus, the user has the possibility to pay with them for goods.The only limitation - is 30% of the total value of the thing - as much can be repaid at the expense of these bonuses (which, as a whole, are equivalent to a ruble value of the goods).

Through this program, as indicated on the website of "Sportmaster", the company has helped customers save about 67 billion rubles.Agree, the figure looks huge!To learn how to construct a club card "Sportmaster", bonus check as it can be and what you need to obtain it, explain further.

Club Card: description and types

In fact, the club card simply replaces a discount.The only difference is that it requires no charging some virtual points or percent discount, and the very real rubles, which can be reduced by the price of the following products.

Thus, the buyer need not delve into the math, it just sees how many rubles-bonuses he has, and he knows how to reduce the cost of the goods may in the future.Again, this only stimulates the shopping network "Sportmaster".The discount program includes three types of cards: "Blue", "Silver" and "Gold".The differences between them lie in how much the store pays a bonus for each client spent a thousand rubles.Thus, the amount that will be paid, are respectively 50, 75 and 100 points for each spent thousands.As can be seen, it is more profitable to have a "gold" card because it buy new sports stuff will be more profitable.Ensure that you can, if you know how to check the bonus map "Sportmaster".

Who can get a card?

And yet defined with those who give the club card.Obviously, it can only get the customer who has already purchased some items in the network and that is an adult at the time of purchase.This kind of cards (and they, as you may recall, a total of three), which the user will receive will depend on the total amount of turnover on his virtual account (ie credit cards).That is a particular type of card can be obtained with the following sales: for the "blue" card - the amount to 15 thousand rubles of the Russian Federation;for "silver" - from 15 to 150 thousand rubles of the Russian Federation;and the owner of "Gold" cards may become a party who has made purchases of more than 150 thousand Russian rubles.

So again we see the network policy aimed at increasing user interest in buying in "Sportmaster".

How does the map?

Scheme of the card is very simple.In fact, it is not much different from how discount cards operate in many other stores (not just sports).

Club card is used every time make a purchase at any of the stores "Sportmaster".Check the balance of the card the customer can at any time by calling the contact number in the network (telephone 777-777-1), visit a personal page on the website and just by looking at the information in the receipt issued after purchase.Thus, a person, seeing how many rubles-bonuses left in his account, can schedule their next purchase.

However, as noted above, the effect is a simple rule: you can only use the bonus within 30% of the goods.

Bonuses club card

Consider a simple example to understand how the cancellation of bonuses and impose on the network, "Sportmaster".Bonus Card (you can check out bonuses over the phone, online and check after purchase - do not forget about it) and the owner whenever he gets the goods.

If a person buys a thing for 1000 rubles, being the owner of the "blue" card, he charge a 50-rubles bonuses;this amount changed to 75 and $ 100 for the "Silver" and "Gold" cards.These amounts shall be credited to the account, and then kept there a certain time (we'll write a bit more).

When a customer decides he wants to buy the goods for another 1,000 rubles, he can pay his bonuses to 333 rubles.Thus, the cash it will need to "cover" the amount of 667 rubles.Such is the discount, if you talk with practical examples.

How can you spend bonuses?

course, to keep control of their consumption "bonus" rubles, you need to understand how to learn, how many bonuses on the map "Sportmaster".This is what we have been told.But we can not also forget about the conditions of use of these bonuses.

In particular, we are talking about banning them pay for the goods in the following cases: a discount in the "coupon" stores, as well as in conjunction with a bank transfer.

first limitation - the purchase of goods at a discount - exists in "Sportmaster" for obvious reasons.If the item is marked as one that is already offered with a substantial discount, the network does not allow the buyer to pay a third of its value cards with bonuses.

second limitation similar to the first, concerns only stores "Sportmaster-DISCOUNT" selling item, 100% of which is offered at a lower price.Use a club card is impossible.

third limitation means that the user has the right to apply the bonus only if the purchase pays in cash or card.When a customer uses non-cash (as it happens, for example, if the purchase makes an individual entrepreneur or a legal person), use bonuses prohibited.

Additional accrual

Clubcard "Sportmaster", check out the bonuses which can at any time convenient for you, also offers a variety of additional accrual of bonus rubles for any special event.

For example, each customer receives upon registration of 200 rubles on your card.After that, the birthday of the user to provide an additional 300 rubles as a gift.

Ā«Sportmaster" holds a variety of events, during which for some products other amount accrued bonuses, which allows to gain more rubles discounts.If you have information about how to find out how many bonuses on the map "Sportmaster", can themselves check the balance after the date of birth: it must be replenished on that amount!

Other conditions of use bonuses

addition to certain restrictions relating to the payment of certain goods, it should be mentioned also the time period within which it must "invest" the owner of a club card.It is March 11 of each year.That same day, all the bonuses received by the user in the previous year (from March 12 to January 1) burn.

As regards the period from 1 January to 10 March, the "bonus rubles," accumulated over a given period, in case of non disappear from the map in the next year.

This is another argument in favor of why it is necessary to know how to check the bonus map "Sportmaster": so you will have information about your account and if we approach the date of the combustion bonus funds will be able to spend it quickly.What

give you bonuses

In fact, the value of the discount program "Sportmaster" is difficult to overestimate.This complete solution lets you define a constant store where you buy sports clothing, footwear and accessories at affordable prices.

If you take the network as a whole, then, of course, you will notice some overvaluation of certain categories of goods.Explain it can be popular shops, high level of service to each of them.

But if we take into account the mentioned bonus programs, buying them online can be even more profitable.You do not just buy, get a discount on future products, and you know how to look, how to map "Sportmaster" bonus, and thus can control your discount!This is very convenient, is not it possible to plan their purchases in advance.This is especially true in the field of sporting goods that can be acquired in the future (for the next season, for example).

Issued double benefit: you get a good opportunity to save money, plan their purchases and to buy quality sports things, allow to start a healthy lifestyle, improve health, sports tops reach.

Security card

Do not forget about the basic rules of safety of your card.Agree, do not need to have any special knowledge or permission, to coming in "Sportmaster", check the card balance and begin to make her purchases.Therefore, any lost card can be used by those who found it.Of course, this endangers the bonus rubles accumulated by the present owner of the discount.

If you notice the loss of your card, you need to call the call center of the company and express its loss.After authorization procedure (via SMS or with the help of identity documents), you can block the lost card and get a new one.At the same time, if you remember how to check the bonus map "Sportmaster", and do this, you will see that all the "bonus rubles" were left in place, just transported to a new account.We think it is not necessary to specify that it's better to do as soon as possible after the discovery of the disappearance.

If you do not have a map, "Sportmaster", recommended to issue it.Dance program "Sportmaster", under which it is granted, can make products for sports more accessible, and the shopping - it's nice!Therefore, we recommend!