Antibiotics for Dogs: What is possible?

set of pharmacy medicines is not a mere formality.The house, where the four-legged pet, must be available specialized products for dogs.At the same time, not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also for preventive purposes.Each owner must know which antibiotics for dogs there, what should be the composition of a veterinary medicine chest for the pet.

First Aid

may seem that the list of essential medicines, veterinary kits offered for too extensive.But, nevertheless, competent breeder needs to quickly and efficiently provide the animal first aid, if necessary, so the supply of drugs is important.

skills in first aid is not considered to be difficult.For example, when it is important to stop the bleeding wound, cut treated with hydrogen peroxide, and brilliant green.If bleeding pulsating nature, is a place above the wound to tighten the rubber band.In case of injury in side the owner must make a tight sterile bandage and take the animal to the clinic.

Also in the veterinary first aid kit should include the following drugs:

  • ointment "Rescuer" with corrosivity paws in winter.
  • Permanganic for poisoning.
  • electronic thermometer for measuring temperature.
  • set of disposable syringes.
  • Devices for irrigation.
  • Scissors.
  • tweezers for claws.
  • dressings of different spectrum: plasters, bandages, wipes.
  • Vata.

When needed antibiotics for dogs?

can give dogs antibiotics or not?The answer is yes, but to impose such heavy drugs need only after a visit to a specialist and the scale of the diagnostic study.

did not have any time to medical care and the placement of misdiagnosis can lead to a sharp deterioration in the health of the dog.

therapeutic process is set by a veterinarian based on the criticality of the animal.What antibiotics can be dogs, capable of supporting antibiogram, which allows to choose the appropriate medication for each individual case of infection.

What are the dangers in themselves pose antibiotics?

therapeutic process that involves antibiotics for dogs should not last more than 10 days.This is due to the fact that a longer term therapies could adversely affect the animal body.

The use of serious drugs should be in strict accordance with the instructions and correct calculation of dose.

Giving your dog medications prescribed by a doctor for a person, is strictly forbidden, as medicines for animals have special components and tablet owner can be toxic for your pet.

consequences of improper appointments and medication

Antibiotics for dogs taken without a clear base, can lead to the development of bacterial stability, in fact, to the lack of therapeutic response, the destruction of the intestinal microflora, the emergence of toxins in vital organs: the liver, kidneys and other.

To eliminate problems with intestinal microflora necessarily need to pass course treatment with probiotics.They contain beneficial bacteria that can restore the balance of intestinal flora.

pharmaceutical market can offer various forms of drugs for animals.

not always a dog after antibiotics can immediately come in the usual form, so if there is a chance not to resort to their use, is to use it.It is recommended to visit the vet and get advice on the use of natural natural medicines that can strengthen the immune system and actively to overcome the sprawling infection.

diseases requiring antibiotic intervention

What antibiotics give the dog in a particular situation, the doctor decides.They find their application in the following situations:

  • with infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis.Alternative treatment is available, only the antibiotics can kill the bacteria leptospira.
  • When complications of various diseases of the spectrum.In this case, the drugs can be applied with other drugs to combat the original disease.
  • When cancer as damaged tissue creates favorable conditions for the existence of germs and bacteria.
  • during surgery, when injury and damage to various skin covers.

kinds of antibiotics

Some people believe that antibiotics can be divided into the strengths and weaknesses.This is not exactly the right position.The faithful will be the division into broad-spectrum drugs, or narrow.This fact is linked to the fact that different types of bacteria, which is oriented action of the drug.Broad-spectrum drugs are able to deal with many types of microorganisms.Effect of Drug narrow spectrum, respectively, directed to one type of bacteria.

The main purpose of the bacteria, as well as any other living creature, is the survival and reproduction, so the natural process will be the development of resistance to any drug.

choosing an antibiotic for your pet, the veterinarian should be guided by several rules and nuances:

  • able to penetrate the desired tissue and cells.
  • effect on bacteria.
  • of possible side effects.

doctor may decide to designate several types of antibiotics for those situations when the disease is not caused by one type of bacteria.Breeder should not change the doctor's orders not to hurt the dog.


Antibiotics manufacturers produce in various forms - in the form of tablets, drops or injectable solutions.The injections may be either subcutaneous or intramuscular.The consultation has to tell the veterinarian dog breeder, in the place you need to work hard drug.

If the owner of a pet not received assistance in this matter from a specialist, you should carefully examine the accompanying instructions to find the necessary information on the method and route of administration.

Antibiotics used for dogs - "Gentamicin," "Amoxicillin", "Cephalexin", "TMP", "Clindamycin".They are used to treat a wide range of infections: respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal, genitourinary.For the four-legged pets can be used "furadonin" "Chloramphenicol" "Doxycycline", "Penicillin".