How to decorate a wedding car: useful tips

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How to decorate a wedding car?In preparation for the wedding, there are many that will provide and do.But to see it triumph from afar?Of course, on the wedding train.To do this, you should know how to dress for a wedding car.

modern decoration wedding convoy is very varied.It is no longer a white "Volga" with a doll and three ribbons on the bonnet.Or, as in Kievan Rus, when the horses' manes and arch decorated with ribbons and bells.Technology modern decor to help decorate a wedding car so that your car will be beneficial to stand out from the street traffic.

How to decorate a wedding car?For starters you should know that all cars should decorate the convoy in one color, it has not turned jumble, and the wedding is not reminiscent of a farce.

belts, colorful balls and ribbons should be distributed evenly.Now often use nylon fabric and tulle.It can be a geometric pattern, brocade or shine.If the car is dark, then it will suit the pastel colors that will make it more noble, but light machine should decorate with bright colors to make it look more elegant.The successful combination of ribbons in the colors are:

1) several shades of pink;

2) red, crimson and pink;

3) white, red, pink.

in the intricacies of how to decorate the car to the wedding, remember the cardinal rule: "Do not overdo it!" Everything must be harmonious and tasteful.The representative of design services in the field happy to tell you how to do things right.

Funny inscriptions and tablets

next step in how to decorate the car for a wedding, will certain words or phrases in the background, or the windshield.Depending on how you see your wedding, you can pick up a low-key standard phrases which a thin film glued to the machine, or the arm to wash off a marker for the car and give free rein to your imagination.Neither will not harm the vehicle, so do not worry.But the simple decoration can be written label that is attached to the numbers, the hood or trunk, for example, with the words Ā«JustmarriedĀ» or jokes like: "give in good hands."

Making flower arrangements

If you want to decorate the car colors, which at the moment is very fashionable, you need to turn to a florist.He will give you expert assistance in how to decorate the car for wedding flowers.Now such offers very much.Bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers should be selected in color to the rest of the decorations.As a rule, a bouquet of artificial flowers in a store can be rented.You can also connect your own imagination and decorate a wedding procession at least a time of the year: snowflakes and white pompons for a winter wedding, yellow leaves - for the autumn, etc.

How to decorate a wedding car -reshat you.It's your holiday, the memory of which will stay with you for life.The main thing - do it with style!