How to get married?

How to overcome the first stage of love, and closer to the desired goal - marry for a loved one.This reflects each woman.How to attract his attention, please, not to frighten, inspire action, and establish a stable long-term relationship?What is important is the first stage of dating, and that at this stage we do not deliberately make mistakes and breaks the thin thread still only beginning strikes up a relationship with someone who maybe is our destiny.We just do not think about their words and deeds.And it all starts?

Inspiration Where without it.For the initial rendezvous with a stranger, should have sympathy.The book "how to interest a man and get married," says a lot, but here it will be a different story.It is about how to fix the result of the first success and not to frighten the man pay attention to you and invite on a date.After all, the result of the first meeting may be different.Sometimes it is difficult to determine what more might a future for these relations.How do I know you liked h


Tip or a sign that the man you're impressed, can serve as a seemingly insignificant detail.And every woman should be able to decipher it properly, of course, if you can throw a passion and a silly habit of wishful thinking real.Often we do not refuse to notice the simple truth as ourselves confused, dumbfounded, fascinated.

you liked it if:

- he will smile, happy joking, talking about himself a lot, considering you with pleasure.

- making timid attempts courtship takes the arm, coat, ice cream treats, gives flowers, etc.

- tries to be close to you (rather it happens unconsciously), accidentally touches you, takes the hand, moves closer.

- the first starts talking about the next meeting, takes a phone number and calls of course.

you he did not like it if:

- he takes a glance at, talks about nothing more silent.

- his movements felt stress or vice versa it behaved unleashed, let vulgarity, incorrect in saying negligence in handling,
kept at a distance from you.

- not embarrassed, looks at other women,

- not listening to what you say yawning is kind of boring.The best way for you - get up and leave.

- do not take your phone number, not to mention new appointments, no more calls ...

I hope everything is clear!At the beginning of dating people are willing to make a good impression on each other.Therefore, the show itself only with the best hand, it is natural and normal.Maybe even right.Indeed, any little mistake, perhaps forever alienate you from each other, and you never know you were soulmates or not.Just do not be fooled and do not rely on your psychic abilities.It is almost impossible to understand it at a glance.

Most Romantic foaming at the mouth will prove the reality of love at first sight.Of course, passion occurs when there is an initial impulse.But it's just a passion, the first desire, love, maybe in the future it will grow into love, and perhaps driven away like smoke.The initial phase of the proximity last from several days to several months.Just do not rush.Let everyone continues to take shape quickly and easily, your sympathy to each other should find stability.

Most women perceive correctly the first phase relationship and start to consider it a guarantee of long-term relationships and the future of a happy marriage.They already mentally affix a stamp in the passport itself.And then they get depressed, frustrated, having resentment when their expectations are revealed only a house of cards.

Someone in a hurry at the first appointment to ask a stupid question, "How much do you plan to have children," or "Do you want to live with their parents or with the parents of his wife".

man in love with you only at the level of physiology (the firstmomentum, forcing a man to take care of you), and whether or not it start to ship with other problems. He can not understand them now and simply run away. Maybe on the fourth or fifth stage of your convergence these issues will be more relevant. Once you have them still going and going.