13 good habits for a slim figure

How wonderful it would be if the care of the figure entered in the habit.Perhaps it would be one of the best of our habits, and the most useful.So what habits will help to keep slim figure?

1. immediately after waking up, drink 1 glass of mineral water, and if there are no problems with the stomach, do yourself a vitamin cocktail 2 teaspoons of natural apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in 1 cup of boiled water.But you need to eat breakfast in 20-30 minutes after the procedure.Water is drunk immediately after waking up, it helps cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in it during the night, and "wakes up" the body.

2. The structure of a healthy breakfast should include protein (eggs, cheese, yogurt) and carbohydrates (cereals and vegetables).It is best to avoid coffee, strong black tea, and replace them with drinks on the basis of chicory, wild rose extract, which contains vitamin C, or fennel - a good diuretic and helps to lose weight, as well as green tea.Try to eat only low-fa

t cheese and yogurt, do not neglect the fresh fruit and never add sugar to cereal.Avoid white bread and muffins.

3. If your breakfast was tight, try not too zealous in the lunch: salad or fresh vegetables with a piece of fish or chicken is an excellent option.At the same time, avoid alcohol and heavy meals.

4. supper best as possible.Cook dinner salads without dressings, meat or fish for a couple as well as raw or steamed vegetables.Never eat cheese and dessert food and drink mineral water.

5. you snack during the day?Useful and at the same time an easy one for a snack can be nuts without salt and sugar, dried fruits - raisins, prunes, dried apricots, fresh fruit and vegetables, grain bread with cottage cheese, a glass of juice (no sugar), yogurt, a jar of yogurt and so on.

6. Drink plenty of water, preferably with a reduced content of soda and carbonated sure.Drink water during meals - this will give an instant feeling of satiety.Water not only washes away the harmful substances and promotes the regular chair, but also enriches the skin with moisture and thus prevents it from aging.

7. More often eat fish instead of meat.From the fish do not get fat it contains is less toxic and more mineral salts also easily digested by fish.It can bake or cook for a couple.We get a lot of necessary micro-and macro, including those required as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iodine.The least bold varieties are cod, saithe, hake, pollock, pike perch (less than 2% fat).But herring, mackerel, sturgeon contain up to 20% fat, which certainly does not contribute to the harmony of shapes.

8. Avoid any alcohol.It is harmful for health and for the figure.

9. Once a week, try to arrange a fasting day.Here you can drink unlimited amounts of water and eat plenty of predetermined product.For example, it may be fruit (excluding bananas), vegetables (not potatoes), dairy products (fat content of less than 5%), fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

10. Nurture your family members.If they break without eating cakes and pies or fried food, you will be very difficult to stick to a diet.

11. empty the refrigerator of all products, from which grow fat: cakes, chocolate and sweets.Wanting to eat a piece of sweet, but with nothing appropriate at hand, you may be able to forget that such things exist at all.Always keep a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

12. choosing products in the shop, watch the fat content in milk and cheese, buy lean meat, choose unrefined oil, forget about desserts, buy less of sausages and smoked.Try not to buy foods containing "hidden" sugar sauces, seasonings, foods containing preservatives, finished breakfast cereals, fruit yogurts, juices, liqueurs, sweet wine.

13. daily engaged in gymnastics.Regularly check your weight, but do not more often than twice a week.

If you purchase listed habits, you will not need to pace yourself diets.At the same time you save not only a slim figure, but also high efficiency and good humor.

Articles Source: beauty.wild-mistress.ru