British newspapers.

All the British newspapers are divided into two main types - the tabloids or entertainment (popular) and severe (objective).They have a clearly defined structure, the direction of the target audience, topics and manner of presentation.A serious issue never allow himself to print the news of dubious authenticity of the facts, while the tabloid never publish analytical notes.These features of the distribution of the press are specific to the UK, as it is not visible in any other newspapers foreignness.

English newspapers.Titles and their features

Each newspaper has its own name, as this is an integral part.But all names have their own characteristics.Firstly, they are used with the article, but not always, this article is being written.For example, "The Times", "The Observer", "The Mirror", "The Daily Express" and others.Second, most newspapers use the pun, reinforcing means of speech and literary alliteration, making the name of interesting and even intriguing.Thirdly, the complete lack of service parts of speech.These are the rules that the name can only consist of a noun, adjective or verb.Why so, hitherto unknown, but it is generally observed for several centuries.This can be considered a kind of chip, as in other foreign newspapers such a feature is not present.

British sports newspaper

separate subspecies is the sports press.British newspapers writing on sports themes are likely to include serious than to entertainment, but it is still not clearly defined.Some of them can afford to publish the life and gossip about the stars of the sport, which refers to the entertainment category, that is the main subject of the tabloids.Although initially the press to this subject is serious publications.


English newspapers are among the most popular newspapers of the world, especially the serious press.Some newspapers (mainly "The Times", "The Observer", "The Mirror", "The Daily Express") issued a circulation of several million, and transported in other English-speaking countries, mainly in the US and Canada.Besides all this, most newspapers have their electronic versions that are available for the whole world.This makes them not only world famous, but also the most readable.

Features Sales

Usually all media sold in kiosks and special shops, but there are some nuances.Popular newspapers can sell on the street.To this end, near a pile of magazines to put the box in which buyers will throw money (the price of two pennies).At the same time the seller can move about their business or do not stay close.People are so used to it that no one even tries to steal either newspapers or money.


English newspapers are one of the most popular and most widely read media types throughout the world.In its thematic content, they are divided into popular (tabloid) and serious, but there are some newspapers which can be attributed to these two categories.