In the showroom

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former fashion model Lisa worked as a salesman in a motor show "Good riddance," a matter of days.During this time, she was taught that customers have to smile, talk to them politely, not irritated by their stupid questions, and claims to show them their long legs (for which, in fact, and took it) and generally do their utmost so that the client leftcabin on the new machine, but did not go on foot.Here are just a brand of car it was never taught to understand.

So when the salon has become the face of Caucasian nationality and frankly, with difficulty choosing his words, said: "The girls, I Passat hachu" Lisa knew he was not in the sense that here is a man determined to buy a car "Volkswagen - Passat"and quite another.That is just totally different.

She shuddered and, without ceasing to show a Hollywood grin, said:

- Say what you want?

- Passat sichas hachu - repeated Caucasian and patted the front of his pants pocket, hinting that money with him there.However, Lisa again realized his words and gestures correctly.She realized - a man so unbearable that he is ready to celebrate his need is right here, in the middle of the cabin.And immediately!

- you can not - she said quickly.

- Pachemu nelzya?- Surprised Caucasian.- Zdes Nat?

- There - Lisa warmly waved to the door with the big Latin letters WC at the far end of the cabin, - there.

person of Caucasian nationality turned in the direction from afar identify familiar letter W, decorating machines are usually cooler, the first part of the name of which he could not remember, and hurried toward the door.Lisa followed him with her eyes tight, fearing that the misfortune did not happen on the road.Only when a Caucasian reached the desired place, she took a breath of relief.

- Passat hachu - open the door and saw sitting at a table an elderly woman, said a Caucasian.

- can - also quite definitely understand it allowed Aunt Shura and something quickly Keeping in mind, called explicitly overpriced services: - Ten.

Caucasian eyes widened.This great machine for ten thousand dollars it was incredibly cheap."Oh, too far" - after seeing his reaction, I thought Aunt Shura and was about to cut the price, but it ahead Caucasian.

- pachemu so deshevo?- He asked suspiciously.Aunt Shura nearly jumped for joy in his chair.Pretending to be dug in the papers on the table, she said quickly:

- Oh, I made a mistake, I think ... Well, sure, I'm sorry ... Twenty.

- And kandytsyoner eat?- I decided to update equipment in the car caucasian.

- What?- Aunt Shura did not understand.

- With kandytsyoner Passat hachu - explained Caucasian.

Now is the time Aunt Shura vytaraschivat eyes.Over the years, in particular as a service she did not meet with many strange people.But that would have someone to do things needed air conditioning shampoo in a bottle, about which it every night trendeli of TV - with it encountered the first time.Well paper, soap Well, well, the condom - if it went together, but something with air-conditioning shampoo why ?!

"Lord - in the next moment it dawned on her. - Yes, he could head to wash gathered here! .. Heuzhto nowhere else?"

Remembering the condition and appearance under her pottery, she stared at the waiting person of Caucasian nationality and, waving his hands, he said with pity:

- Hetu conditioner, dear, no ... ... ended yesterday - -So why she liedand hesitantly offered:

- Maybe myltse fit?

- Baz kandytsyoner ne necessary - proudly refused Caucasian, realizing that under myltsem here meant, apparently very very poor packaging machines, something like "eared" "Zaporozhets" and slammed the door, leaving her aunt Shura regret the loss of profits.

When Lisa again suddenly saw in front of him all the same person of Caucasian nationality, she shuddered involuntarily, and the first thing looked at his pants.And just making sure that everything is in order, I looked at the face itself.His face was already clearly angry.

- Passat nakanets MNE das?- Exasperated question it.

- Do you ... is there ... no? .. - She gestured helplessly toward the institution Aunt Shura.

- There kandytsyoner Nat - he said contemptuously Caucasian - Baz kandytsyoner ne hachu.

Lisa moaned softly.Of course, she knew that Aunt Shura cleaning itself is not particularly burdened, so the atmosphere reigned in her institution that still, in some dysentery certainly the elephant to breathe more easily, but that is so much hurt?Especially with the great need.

- Here!- Suddenly shouted, Caucasian, finally identified among the challenges in the interior of the car, behind which come, and remember the first part of its name.

- Falksvagen Passat hachu!

Lisa became ill.Use an expensive car for that!?

- Kandytsyoner eat?- Pointing his finger in the car, excitedly asked a Caucasian.

Lisa nodded resignedly.

- Music eating?

Lisa shaken.He has to do the music and Give!

- Hachu - summed Caucasian and resolutely walked to the car.

- No!- The last effort cried Lisa and barred his way.-Hi Way!

here on his luck, the guard saw Basil entering the room, and began waving his heart-rending crying:

- here!Here!Hurry!

Basil was a big hangover, his whole body craved rest and beer, so after Lisa angrily whispered in his ear that this man eager to celebrate small need in an expensive car, no other versions about the behavior of Caucasians had notIt arises.

- Are you absolutely oborzel?- Eyeing frail figure Caucasian, Vasily asked grimly.

- MNE Passat nada - insisted Caucasian.- A ana ne gives.

- A pasrat tzbe ne nada?- Mocked Basil.

- Falksvagen pasrat MNE ne nada - resolutely refused Caucasian from a completely unknown to him the machine model.- MNE nada interpretation trades.

- Yeah, - almost gently nodded Basil - just ... But this - he brought to face Caucasian impressive fist - you do not need?

Caucasian finally realized that to sell the car to him here for some reason - that stubbornly refuse.Apparently the last remaining and has already been promised to someone.But to go so he just did not want to, so he carefully pulled from his face fist and judgmental tone he said:

- Heharasho.

then left permanently inhospitable motor.Basil, adjusted beer, the incident quickly forgotten, but then again for a long time Lisa angrily told her friends what still perverts are found among men.Especially Eastern.

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