The secret life of toys in a photo project by Jeff Friesen

Children brought up on tales of Andersen are well aware that at night, when the lights, toys come to life.So it was with the Steadfast Tin Soldier, so perhaps occurs with the dolls and the animals that "live" in the nursery.Photographer Jeff Friesen (Jeff Friesen) sure: as soon as the door slams shut in a room of his daughter, there immediately begin to happen miracles.Which - funny look in his photo project.

These wonderful pictures were taken in order to amuse the daughter, but they were so successful that the family begged Jeff publish them online.

noteworthy that for each picture Jeff Friesen writes a short story, which tells of the passions of toy animals photographed for their daily activities.

example, hippo Hugo is very low key, he deprives himself of many everyday pleasures, not to attract attention.He denies himself even play the piano, but on a small piece of birthday cake could not resist.But the panda Chi Chi happy to live in a luxurious apartment, though, and misses his compatriots in the bamboo forest.When her relatives started to have problems with the Internet connection is almost broke, but has come to the rescue of the channel Ā«Animal PlanetĀ», and now Chi Chi pleasure watching documentaries about the lives of their friends.

Some toys even help the house owners.Dinosaur Norbert - a great gardener, in fact, that these dinosaurs still rule the world (at least, on the scale of individual apartments).In the photos you can see the calf, chasing around the house on a skateboard, and the owl, which prefer the quieter entertainment - reading, for example.By the way, Frederick owl dreams to achieve the same success as that of Hedwig (Harry Potter's faithful assistant).Frederick learn the basics of magic in the books on their own, and, according to Jeff Friesen, he wants to bring apologies for the erroneous disappearance of Canadian city of Saskatoon.

Perhaps one of the most fun you can call the dolphin who dabble in the bathroom.Rubber duck with him for a reason: in terms of "dolphin" language, it quacking means: "Do not forget to wash your ears while you're swimming."

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