Majlis - what's that?

We are accustomed to the fact that society is ruled by government agencies.The fact that this role is quite possible to entrust organizations not affiliated with official structures, people often do not think about.Nevertheless, in the world there is a large, overall, a positive experience of non-governmental organizations contributing to the development and stabilization of public life.One of them - the Majlis of the Crimean Tatars.What it is?How it works and formed?Let's face it.

little history

To fully understand what created the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, you must turn to history.The roots of the people are very deep.By creating a system of self-government, they relied on the experience of their ancestors, as well as the whole of the Muslim civilization.Dictionaries say that the Majlis - a kind of parliament, the legislature in some countries of the East.Iran and Azerbaijan, the official name of public education, is responsible for creating the rules and regulations of public life.In countries, mostly Arab, majlis - a People's Congress, which delegates authority for certain kinds of questions.Acts that it takes do not always have a formal meaning, but are performed by all members of the community, that is, are mandatory, based on respect for the tradition.

What Crimean Majlis?

before the people again settled on the historic ground, the question arose about the organization structure that would defend their rights effectively with local and central authorities.In 1991 he was called Kurultai of the Crimean Tatars, who had already moved to the peninsula.His solution was formed Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars.Additionally, it formulated its basic tasks, principles.This body has been entrusted to prompt solution of problems which arose before the Crimean Tatar community, communication with local governments and other authorities.Himself Kurultai meets once every five years.To participate in the meeting of local communities delegate the most respected representatives.This is one of them and choose the Crimean Tatar Mejlis.These are people who enjoy the unconditional trust of all the people.At the end of the period they give a report on its activities.

functions Majlis

Despite the fact that the Authority is not a state, it has a kind of charter.The position of the Majlis approved at the Kurultai.Due to the fact that social life can not be a bone, the document stipulates that it may be changed or supplemented by the decisions of the representative body.According to the Regulation Majlis - is the supreme body of the people.Between sessions of Kurultai it is authorized to carry out the decisions of the latter, consider other operational issues that arise in the development of social life.In accordance with the document of the Majlis obeys the laws of Ukraine, the rules of international law.Its main aim is to fight for the rights of the Crimean Tatar people, the promotion of its arrangement on home soil.Over time, the competence of the body supplemented representation at the international level.Crimean Majlis of the foundation has established itself as an effective and somewhat influential body.Its representatives were included in the work on all the issues one way or another related to the life of the peninsula, affecting the interests of the people.Majlis has worked actively in the provision of housing and land for deportees.According to the state program for the resettlement of the population has returned regularly allocated subsidies.These funds were used to buy housing, which is distributed in turn.In addition, the need to allocate land for development.

forms of activity

Majlis - is not just a collection, which is selected periodically Qurultay.In fact, it is a network of smaller entities.It is believed that only the central council of the Crimean Tatars is known as the Majlis.Simferopol - its location, which in itself is understandable, since it is the capital of the peninsula.However, any council, formed at the level of districts and cities, has the same name.That is, the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people is a multilevel education.Of course, the functionality of its activity depends on the administrative compliance.If the Majlis was established in the village, his task - to interact with the local council on matters within the competence of the latter.Such bodies in Crimea created in all areas, only where there is a sufficient concentration of ethnic population.In order to inform the public about its activities, Parliament may create and fund the activities of the media.They work quickly enough and react to social and political situation on the peninsula.One of the main places in the implementation of the information function of the organ occupies the site Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

Resettlement to their homeland

Initially Majlis set a goal to return all the deportees and their descendants in Crimea.Overall, it was quite feasible undertaking.It supports the state budget.All new arrivals are provided with housing, received compensation for relocation and transportation of luggage.Majlis lawmakers regularly offers different levels to approve an additional program for the Development of the Crimean Tatars.The fact that they often received land in areas lacking infrastructure.Not only expensive, but at times there was no water pipes.All this had to be solved, of course, the state.Only the "push" the sluggishness officials had to the public.It showed its ability to force the Crimean Tatar people to unite and to the leaders.The peninsula has seen a lot of mass actions in which overlap the main road, if the government is too pulled with the decision of topical problems.

Chairman of Majlis

to the governance body at the Kurultai elected its leader.It is the most influential representative of the people, dear to everyone.For a long time the head of the Majlis was permanent.For twelve years the people led Mustafa Dzhemilev.In 2013, he was forced by family circumstances to leave his post, but not suspended from work for the return of the rights of deported peoples.Currently, the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean - Refat Chubarov.In connection with the political stance Mustafa Cemil denied the right to visit the peninsula in the next five years.It operates to protect the rights of the people in the international arena.

property and finances

to organize activities to any body that works on a permanent basis, necessary facilities, equipment, facilities and so on.According to the Regulation Majlis of its budget from donations.The document says that the funds can make as individuals and organizations, including non-governmental and international.Budget is for one year.The use of funds from donations, accuracy and legality of spending the next one a special body - the Audit Commission.She, as well as the Majlis, selected Qurultay.It works for five years.Its members have a deliberative vote in the meeting of the Majlis of all levels.Their proposals must be considered.In addition, the Regulation specifies that in case of liquidation of the body balances accrue to the Kurultai.

Participation in the political life of Ukraine

Since one of the main goals of its activities Mejlis of Crimea has positioned the restoration of the rights of the people, his participation in public life in all its forms has become a major priority.Almost since the inception of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatars headed participation in the political life of the peninsula and the State.Local law made it impossible to nominate their representatives as candidates for elections (officially).It would not hurt in addressing the delegation of representatives of all levels of government.Thus, the candidates approved by the Majlis, went to the local elections in 2012 as self-nominated.In addition, it presents Mustafa Cemil Crimean Tatars in the Verkhovna Rada in 1998.He was elected five times on the lists of various parties.While autonomy was part of the Ukrainian state, he acted informal "limit" on the number of national representatives in the leadership areas.As a rule, three district administration headed by the Crimean Tatars.One of them - Bakhchysaray - permanently, as it is in this region is home to most of the people's representatives.

Cultural activities

One of the main activities of the Crimean Tatar Majlis considers the creation of conditions in order to preserve the identity of the ethnic group.To do this in the schools of the peninsula created classes that are taught in their native language.Much attention is paid to the establishment and work of national amateur groups.Every year in the Crimea held a big celebration - Hydyrlez organized by the Tatar Mejlis.For this is truly a great show going national teams and masters of arts not only from all regions of the peninsula, but also from abroad.Permanent participants of the show were artistic groups from Turkey.The program usually includes a list of activities, including concerts, shows, exhibitions of arts and crafts, sports.Separately, each year is planned to hold fairs - the most beloved children's entertainment.It offers a lot of housewives taste delicacies of the national cuisine.The holiday is held in honor of the saints and Khidir Ilyas.This ancient tradition.It includes a list of rituals, which "cajoled" the forces of nature, asked for a rich harvest, strong and viable offspring pets.It's a wonderful, very distinctive tradition that fell in love with all the inhabitants of the peninsula.Everything goes very fun and festive.Unfortunately, this year the celebrations were disrupted.

New conditions

As you know, in the Crimea migrated from one country to another.All in accordance with the will of the people expressed in the referendum.Just to the polls that day off, not all residents of the peninsula.It so happened that the preferences of the Crimean Tatar people remained outside the current borders of the Republic - in the Ukraine.In principle, the leaders of the people have never concealed their devotion to European integration policy Kiev.Therefore it did not support holding a referendum on the status of Crimea.Opinion leaders, as usual, supported the people.This is one of the best "acquisition" self-built Majlis.When dealing with any issues relating to the state level, they are always the close-knit family.That is when you need to go to the polls, the nationality of the people to dictate their choices.This is not "herd instinct", as some are trying to present.Just people used to trust their leaders, which by the level of responsibility it should better understand such issues.Unity has played only the Tatars, in this case a cruel joke.It is not that most of them boycotted the referendum.In fact, the results are not adversely affected.But the fact that they decided to break away from all of the Crimean people, not add to them the authority.In the end, the purpose of the normal activity of any elected body is the peace and quiet of voters.Not everyone in the whole and every.It's okay when the respectable people, rebuking trust, care about each "their" people feel comfortable there, where he lives, had no quarrel with the neighbors are not disturbed by oblique views, and so on.In this case, listen to their leaders, the Crimean Tatars were in a very uncomfortable position.

May 18 a day of mourning in the Crimean Tatar people annually rallies and marches.They almost do not wear political colors.On this day people remember the events of the "black" day in the life of an entire nation when he unwillingly had to leave their homes.As a rule, meetings were held in all the communities where people live compactly.When carrying out their used state symbols, flag Majlis.Then delegations from all over the peninsula came to the capital, to hold ceremonies.This year the tradition was in jeopardy.But the fact that the Crimea was going to come a recognized leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, which the Government of the Republic to ban the entry into its territory.And everything is done, but the former head of the Majlis decided to "put pressure on the government," using a favorite way - mass actions.Thus, the third of May he wanted to cross the border of the Republic.It gathered to meet him, according to some estimates, up to five thousand Tatars.Only even such mass action did not help.Disgraced leader was not allowed into the Republic, as it has repeatedly expressed its position clearly, radically different from the views of the majority of the Crimean population.According to Cemil peninsula was annexed.The fact that the vast majority of the people wanted such a development, it is not taken into account.Currently, he defends the right of its people to self-determination in international organizations.In addition, Mustafa Cemil still leads parliamentary activities in Parliament.As for the memorial service, all went according to plan.Prohibit the Crimean Tatar people to celebrate the funeral of the date of the government was not going to.

Majlis role in the new environment

Despite the initial negative attitude of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people to change the nationality of the peninsula, there are a number of tasks that they need to address.In order that the Crimea became part of Russia, at the moment it is difficult to argue.So why beat your head against the wall when the front of the set is not only difficult, but also interesting events.A good politician is trying to use every situation in the first place for the benefit of its people.The conditions for the integration of the Crimean Tatars in Russian society are very good.After the referendum, they took under his wing the president of Tatarstan.It has been many reciprocal visits and meetings.The latter took place on 26 May.The delegation from the "new" Peninsula went to Kazan.There was signed a cooperation agreement with the World Congress of Tatars.Leaders of the nations discussed the long-term cooperation.Apparently, Rustam Minnahanov brothers decided to help integrate into society, which is not just numerically superior to their former "family", but much more multifaceted and diverse in composition.Also discussed and practical issues.For example, graduates of the Crimea is now difficult to determine the order, where to go.The leader of Tatarstan invited them to choose Territorial Institutes.Naturally, friendly help and support them in case of receipt will be provided.It turns out that the Majlis, despite his misgivings, got a lot more opportunities for the implementation of basic tasks.In a large family, which is Russia, a lot of new, sometimes tempting offers, the chances for every citizen.

Majlis as a positive experience

For more than twenty years of activity, self-organization body of the Crimean Tatar people has shown that the unity of the people - the cause of his own hands.If you live as one family together to achieve your goals, then reach them more easily.And every member of such a self-organized society feels comfortable knowing that under the protection of not only the state, which, judging by the events in the modern world, not always perform their basic functions (referring to Ukraine).If, in addition to the official, there are also national leaders, it gives us a little more confidence in the future.Apparently, the people who managed to build their own system of self-organization, it is possible to learn and a commitment to the traditions, and the ability to educate their children respect for elders, they are subject to national issues.Despite the fact that without the mistakes and errors cost the people do not generally experience their positive and quite revealing.Anyway, during the activities related to national traditions, they clearly demonstrate the love of the heritage of ancestors, his native land.Crimean Tatar art groups regularly encouraging creative results, excellent training, and beautiful material support.No holiday on the peninsula can not do without them.