These mysterious carbohydrates: Benefit or harm?

Nutritionists often recommend us to restrict our diet as bread and bakery products, and all sweets, including sugar and chocolate.Recommend it can be anything you like, but for some reason no one says, because of what it is we get better, excessive eating carbs?Why do most of the delicious foods is harmful figure?But we need to know not only your body, but what is going on inside him.

Therefore, let us understand why carbohydrates are sometimes even worse than the same fatty meat or sausages in terms of weight gain, and whether to use a diet in which there is no restriction on the use of carbohydrates.

In fact, everything is very easy.Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex.By simply are fructose and glucose, to the complex - sucrose and glucose derivatives.

Simple carbohydrates are found in honey, fruit, vegetables, and mind you, no one stops and does not recommend limiting intake of these foods!

Complex carbohydrates are found in bread and bakery products, baked goods, candy and chocolate, pasta, in general, in all the most delicious!

Now let's compare, why one is better than another, why simple carbohydrates rather complicated.The fact is that carbohydrates in our body are bound in the form of so-called glycogen, which is located mainly in the muscles and liver.When it decays, while mental or physical work produced glucose and no wonder, since the glycogen - this is glucose combined with other substances.Therefore, when simple carbohydrates are ingested, they are used for the brain and muscles, and in the case of redundancy stored as glycogen reserve.

with complex carbohydrates and the situation is more complicated.The fact is that while getting them in our digestive system, they in themselves are complex and for the body to assimilate and spread their blood, you must first split up ... that's right, simple sugars - glucose and fructose.

But you know, that we often consume much more food, and therefore calories they need.What happens in this case?And it turns out that unsplit carbohydrates are beginning to change its structure and, eventually, turn into fat.

That's why many recover from the sweet, cereals and pasta.So try to limit the consumption of virtually unnecessary and sometimes even harmful, to the organism of products, so in fact we get a sufficient amount of fat, so why even increase their number by means of carbohydrates!

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