Name Eugene: characteristics and translation

name Eugene translated from Greek as "noble".This is largely determines the fate of its owner.The desire to subjugate others, punctuality and rigor of manners - all distinctive features of women wearing the name of Eugene.Characteristic of this kind can be given to them completely at any age.In English it sounds like the name of Eugenie.


Little Eugenia reputation for being very thoughtful, but slightly closed girls.While their peers are read fairy tales by Andersen, Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, they can with great interest to study the life of Jesus Christ.The tendency towards religion is manifested in Eugene all my life and even in some way affect the fate.However, the priority goal they put it quite rare.

If you determine the value of the name of Eugene for girls of primary school age, it should be noted that it is primarily loyalty and quiet disposition.Eugene - home girl, and though they sometimes do not run away in the courtyard with her friends, still prefer active games all sorts of handicrafts.Little Eugene soon carried away by sewing or knitting than biking or swimming.

awkward age

At this age, among other things, it starts to radically change the character.If a girl is named Eugene (characteristic of which, among other things, by the fact that it is the female version of the name of Eugene), then most likely a teenager it will become extremely touchy and stubborn.Even if mom or a friend with her in something simply does not agree, it can flare up and permanently "inflated" .Uchatsya these girls are good enough.With classmates, thanks to the natural kindness and sympathy, the relationship they are just wonderful.As a teenager Evgeny unlikely to be friends with a boy, referring to such things very seriously.Nor will it discuss issues of sexuality with her friends.Learn about all the details of the "adult" life Eugene rather prefer the literature.

relationship with the opposite sex

name Eugene for a teenager defines her character trait such as conservative with respect to the opposite sex.However, with age, Jack starts to look at these things so much easier.In her youth she gets easily with men, and just as easily breaks them.But the constant companion of life while still chooses seriously.Philanderer, accustomed to easy victories, like it is unlikely.Gene prefer men courteous and thorough.

Family Life

Once married, Jack becomes a very good housewife, neat and welcoming.Name Eugene, which determines the characteristic qualities such as being a good cook and keep house, its owners make wonderful wives and mothers.Kids love them, but a little afraid of the strict nature.If a spouse Zhenya will condone its propensity to control everything, family relationships will be just fine.

Jobs and Careers

Eugene very often make a successful career.However, their progress through the ranks due to the hard work of more than what some talent.Take a seat boss, Eugene enjoy his high position in fully, turning his subordinates almost slaves.If we talk about specific occupations, the best choice for Jenny can be medicine, education and all specialties related to travel.

Thus, the name of Eugene, a characteristic which was discussed in detail above, influencing the fate of its owner, defines its character features such as temper, tendency to despotism, organization and thoroughness.In the photo (from top down) - Princess Helena Victoria Eugenia of York (a member of the royal family of the United Kingdom), Eugenie Bouchard (tennis player from Canada) and Eugene Phillips (participant in the American Civil War).