Is it possible and how to learn telekinesis?

telekinesis - the ability to work on objects with a mere thought.In parapsychology this phenomenon is also called "psychokinesis".With it, you can move the object a long distance, to suspend it or to make float in the air, and so on. D.

Despite the fact that scientific telekinesis has not proven in the world there are people with such abilities.Mass manifestations of psychokinesis was observed in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries.At the time, I spend a lot of séances.And witnesses claim that with their own eyes observed the phenomenon of materialization and disappearance of objects, levitation and telekinesis.All this shows the mediums who have found access to the subtle spiritual world.

Typically, psychokinesis have people who are well-developed psychic abilities.Therefore, when one has to think about how to learn telekinesis, others the gift given at birth.However, this does not mean that you can not learn this ability.Can.Just have to put a lot of effort and patience to achieve results.

So, if you are interested in the question of how to learn telekinesis, then this article is for you.Next we will look at ways of concentration and training, so that you can develop the ability of this unique.

it you want?

But before you start the course, decide for yourself the most important question: "Why do you need the ability of telekinesis?"If you just want to show off to others or to impress them with your skills, think about whether or not a game worth the candle.

Seriously do you feel about what going to do?After all, if you are looking for a way how to learn telekinesis fast, you'll be disappointed.It can be done.In order to master this technique, you'll need months or even years.Everything will depend on how much effort you put in to accomplish their goals.In addition, we must remember that nothing in this world is not given in vain.And in the process of telekinesis person spends a huge amount of their psychic energy.Do you want to spend it pointless?And it is fraught: You can just go crazy.

However, if you're really serious about developing your supernatural abilities and are willing to make efforts for self-improvement, then boldly go!

How to develop telekinetic abilities

to awaken their ability of telekinesis, it is necessary to start with spiritual growth.Here you need to take an example from the yogis who choose the path of spiritual development, so have many paranormal abilities.For example, there are cases of levitation, mind reading, predicting the future and the ability to move objects by thought alone.

Yoga devote his entire life.Therefore, anyone who is looking for ways of how to master telekinesis, begin with your own spiritual development.You also need to have a strong energy, good vitality and good health.After telekinesis exercises require large energy inputs.You can do yoga, meditation or other spiritual practices.You need to learn to fully control your physical and spiritual body.

Preparing for telekinesis.Exercises

order to develop their telekinesis, you need to prepare yourself for it.Here are some exercises that will help to do it.Perform they need to be for a month, not less.

1. The daily concentration.From there you should always start.First, find the point on which you focus on.It is possible to facilitate the task to draw it on the mirror or glass.Then not retracted from the point of the eye for five minutes.Imagine how out of your eyes and the light comes "concerns" that point.Remember that your body is in a relaxed position.You should be comfortable, and nothing should distract you.Over time, increase the time of concentration of up to fifteen minutes.

2. complicate the task.Still not take his eyes from the point, but try to rotate in a circle head in different directions.The main thing is not to look away from the point.This exercise puncture for fifteen minutes.

3. Right in front of a Draw two points - one on top and one underneath.Now concentrate and start slowly to translate his view from the top of the bottom, and vice versa.Keep your eye.At the same time, you feel as if you are using the power of thought spend invisible line from the top of the bottom, and vice versa.It may even cover a feeling that view "fails" in the subject, which shows the point.If you learn to do it easily and naturally, then later you will be easy to move objects with the help of his willpower.

How to learn telekinesis home

Once again, that to truly master such subtle and difficult technique quickly fail.So get ready to work hard.You will have to perform daily exercise and train your power of will and concentration.

possible, training will take months, maybe years.So if you have not all will turn out, do not despair.Sooner or later you will cope with everything and learn to control his energy.

Exercise energy storage

first way how to learn telekinesis - the development of the ability to focus their energy in one place.To do this, open the palms and hold them facing each other.Then imagine that your entire body energy flow stream.Combine all of its energy in the solar plexus and send in open hands.

sure mentally accompany this whole process.Think of how your energy flows through the veins like going in the chest, and then slowly flows over her shoulders, arms, wrists, and accumulates in his hands.

Do all this several times.If you are on a daily basis will carry out this exercise, then eventually you feel that your energy is significantly increased.

Exercise with a glass

next way how to learn telekinesis - a workout with a glass.For this exercise, you need to buy a plastic cup.You can certainly use the glass.But it can be traumatic.In addition to a plastic beaker considerably easier to influence.

So, sit on the floor and place the cup sideways on a chair with a smooth surface.Now, with the actions of the previous exercise concentrate all his energy in his hands.Then focus on the cup and, without touching hands, perform actions like Kata him in different directions.Remember, you move the cup only by force of will.Hands.To enhance the effect, you can visualize how your hands from the wind that shakes the glass.

This exercise should be performed for ten minutes.But do not hurry with the results.They can appear no earlier than one week.After the first results from the cup, you are ready to exercise with heavier objects.

Exercise with a match

For this exercise you need a regular match and ribbon.Tie to match the ribbon and hang.Your goal - using the power of thought to get the match to turn around its axis.

you do everything exactly the same as in the previous exercise.Just be sure to train in a quiet and windless room to soberly assess their results.You need to practice every day for ten minutes.

Technique telekinesis water

For this exercise does not have to go to the pond.You can do anything available.Take a deep bowl or saucepan and fill with water.It toss a match.The purpose of this exercise - the power of thought to move the match on the water.You can move it in any direction as you like.Focus all your energy on the match and imagine, for example, that the invisible hand of her moves on the water.Just remember that as a touch up to the match, and to the bowl of water or impossible.Do this exercise not less than ten minutes.

Now you know a few simple techniques on how to learn telekinesis.So do not delay and start training right now.Good luck!