A quick way of sauerkraut without vinegar, vinegar, honey, and black bread

Russia has long been famous for its mother-goodies who do not leave the table of our grandmothers at any time of the year.One of the most frequent guests were sauerkraut.They say it escaped even in the lean years.After all, the cabbage is very easy to grow your own garden, for its preparation is not required to buy expensive products, and fast way sauerkraut allows you to enjoy the goodies in the shortest time.

Benefits sauerkraut

This vegetable was revered and loved for a long time.Explain the reason for this popularity is not difficult.

  1. It has a very pleasant and delicious taste.
  2. say that sauerkraut even more useful raw, because during the fermentation released many useful elements.
  3. sauerkraut rapid process allows for the ready meal in a short time.
  4. This vegetable - just a storehouse of vitamins, which are stored in it for 6-8 months.Especially with the passage of time its beneficial properties, it does not lose, but on the contrary, increases them.
  5. Crispy beauty can become the basis for other dishes.A quick way sauerkraut allows you to always have on hand a great blank from which you can make a variety of salads, cook soup or stew.
  6. Another plus is that you can add to the asset cabbage - is its low calorie.100 g of product contains only 20 calories.This nice feature warm heart ladies constantly dieters.

That's how much the merits of seemingly normal inhabitant of our gardens!A quick way sauerkraut allow you to effortlessly prepare a delicacy that can be enjoyed all year round.

talk about vitamins

Sauerkraut - keeper of many nutrients that remain in it for a long time due to lack of heat treatment.

  • Vitamin C. Its benefits have heard everything.It is very useful for the blood, has anti-inflammatory effects on our body, and promotes the production of collagen.
  • B vitamins B. They normalize the metabolism, the sensation of hunger, relieve anemia and increase efficiency.
  • fiber.This polysaccharide contributes to the prevention of diabetes, lower cholesterol, thereby normalizing the functioning of the heart.
  • Vitamin U (another name - methylmethionine).On it is often overlooked, but this vitamin allows our immunity detect malicious connections and remove them from the body.
  • huge number of useful elements: zinc, calcium, iron and others.
  • Lactic acid.Sauerkraut fastest way (especially with the addition of sugar), promotes the release of the acid, which protects our body from harmful bacteria.

When sauerkraut - the enemy?

Oddly enough, but despite all his favor, sauerkraut can deliver and trouble.Disclaims tasty treats are not necessary, but still need to be careful in the use of food to those who:

  • suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.
  • has kidney and liver.
  • inclined to increased swelling.
  • often seen at high pressure.
  • suffers from heart disease.

From the notebooks of our grandmothers

Before ferment cabbage, a good idea to listen to the advice that in different families passed down from generation to generation.Who knows, perhaps on the basis of them in your notebook will be your own quick and easy way of sauerkraut.

So, what should pay attention to?

  • best to choose ripe tight plugs late varieties.Green leaves and loose heads of cabbage does not fit.It will not work and ferment cabbage or middle-early varieties.
  • sure to remove rotten or frostbitten areas.In general, it is desirable to cut the upper leaves.Skilful housewives claim that there should be no more than 5% of the total weight.
  • And another tip from the category of "want to - believe it or - no."Our grandmothers have argued that to make sour cabbage is necessary only in those days, the name of which meets the letter "r": Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday.But not on a Sunday.

Features selection of dishes

important detail in the preparation of delicious dishes is a delicacy.What is it to make sour cabbage?Let's look at the material.

  • wooden tubs.Excellent choice, in them and salted cabbage in the ancient Rus.Tree different ecological vegetable and gives a pleasant aroma.
  • jars.Also a good option.Many modern housewives cook cabbage in them.
  • Enamelware.Suitable for fermentation only if the inside does not have any chipping.Otherwise, the bare metal can play with your dish a cruel joke, namely, to give the workpiece a foul odor.
  • Plastic containers.No specific claims to him there (they are completely harmless), but many of sauerkraut lovers argue that it is in a container obtained tasteless.
  • Aluminium.Not suitable under any circumstances, since under the influence of acid is oxidized, and cabbage gets a bad taste.

There are many ways of sauerkraut.Let's try some of them.

quick way sauerkraut per day (rapid method)

said that for the full fermentation takes at least 5 days, but if you suddenly planned a feast, crunchy vegetables with piquant taste will be very helpful as a snack.And if so, you must have in your notebook and express such recipes.

quick way sauerkraut with vinegar will help you out in many situations.To prepare it, you will need:

  • carrot of medium size (2 pcs.).
  • Cabbage (2.5 kg).
  • Salt (with slide 2 tbsp. Spoons).

shredded cabbage, hands to rub with salt until they stand out the juice.For this recipe needed a marinade.Prepare him is simple:

  • Plain water (1 tbsp.).
  • Vegetable oil (Article 0.5.).
  • Vinegar (Article 0.5.).
  • Sugar (100 g).
  • Black pepper (10 peas).
  • Bay leaf (4 pcs.).

all ingredients and mix on medium heat, bring to a boil.Pour the hot marinade prepared cabbage and let it cool slightly.The mixture is then compacted well, cover and put on top of the load.For example, a half-liter jar of water.By the next day send a container in the fridge.

Plus this recipe - in his speed.But there is a disadvantage: because of the content of vinegar use it very little.

accelerated way sauerkraut

There is another way.The value of it is that you do not need the vinegar, and the dish will be ready in a short time.A quick way of sauerkraut without vinegar chosen by many housewives.You need:

  • Cabbage (1 head of medium size).
  • Carrots (3 pcs.).

brine should be mixed:

  • water (800 ml).
  • salt and sugar (1 tbsp. L.).

shredded cabbage and carrots are tightly packed in a glass jar and pour the marinade boil.Leave for a day and saw bubbles of gas the next day, again well-compacted mixture.This should be done as long as the gas does not disappear.

A few days later gassing ceases, then the cabbage can be considered finished.It speeds up the fermentation process of compaction and preparing a snack a lot faster.

palette of colors on your desk

cooking cabbage can be not only in splendid isolation.Many gourmet attracts add other vegetables in cooking.For example, pepper.Such a quick way sauerkraut slices (this is required to chop the ingredients) will appeal to many.Besides vitamins in it much more.

So, get ready:

  • Cabbage (3 kg).
  • Carrots (6 pcs.).
  • Bulgarian pepper (6 pcs.).
  • Onions and garlic (1 pc.).

And in order to fill the vegetables, you need to take:

  • salt (50 g).
  • Sugar (100 g).
  • vinegar (150 ml).
  • Vegetable oil (200 ml).
  • Water (1 L).
  • ground black pepper.

large pieces (length approximately 4 cm) cut vegetables.Onions and garlic - half rings and thin slices.Spread the vegetables need layers, beginning and ending with cabbage and garlic.Followed by mixing all the ingredients for the filling mixture and pour it.One day the dish is ready.

little nuance: this cabbage can not be stored for a long time, but experienced hostess say that for a long time, it is usually not delayed.

Spicy cabbage

For those who like to experiment, perfect fast way sauerkraut with honey.Nothing special for it is not required, but the dish turns out to be surprisingly tasty.It should be:

  • Cabbage (3 kg).
  • Carrots (1 pc.).


  • salt and honey (1 tbsp. L.)
  • Water (1 L).

Vegetables mix and compacted, and then pour brine boil.This recipe is suitable not only for everyday, but also for the festive table.

quick way sauerkraut on rye bread

There is another possibility to accelerate the fermentation of cabbage.Add the black bread, which will serve as an additional leaven.It takes:

  • Cabbage (1 head).
  • Water (1 L).
  • Sol (1 tbsp. L.).
  • crust of bread.

Cabbage chop, folded into a container and pour boiling brine (it is sometimes put a bay leaf, a pod of red pepper, cumin).When the mixture has cooled, add to it a crust of bread, and a ram for 2 days in a warm place.The prepared snack should be stored in the refrigerator.

As you can see, recipes cabbage myriad.Choose any and raduyte their home.