Lady - the first programmer

many of us know that the creation of the first computer program for the prototype of the modern computer, without which we do not conceive of his life engaged in a remarkable woman, the Countess, the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron August Ada Byron Lovelace for her husband.

August Ada Byron Lovelace
Born December 10, 1815in London.
daughter of the poet Lord Byron.
Passion - mathematics.
Motto: "you get from people more if they disagree."
predict the emergence of modern computers as a multi-function machines not just for computing but also for working with graphics and sound.
Died November 27, 1852in London.

Hell as a child was fascinated by music and mathematics at the age of 13, she was obviously inclined to the exact sciences.
And then contracted measles and stayed in bed for about three years.
However, this time was not lost in vain.
mother Ada hired the best teachers in London, and she continued her education at home.
period of disease has entered into the social circle of Ada Byron superb mathematician and mystic August De Morgan.

De Morgan, a great expert in the esoteric numerology, fascinated the young Ada Augusta magic numbers, drew a rigorous logic of math in magic, to define further the life of the future Countess of Lovelace.

In 1822, Englishman Charles Babbage started developing a huge and extremely complex adding machine - the machine called the Difference Engine.
Soon the project stalled, but in 1833 the mathematician conceived even more revolutionary step - make the machine running an external program.
This unit called Analytical Engine designed by Charles Babbage in the paper in 1834
Babbage's machine was certainly the most progressive construction of his time.
It could carry up to 60 additions per minute, she did not have to multiply two numbers pyatidesyatirazryadnyh.
In fact, this monster is a giant software controlled calculating machine, equipped with a countable, and storage devices.
This was the world's first fully functional computer.

late autumn of 1834 at a dinner party in the house of Byron was first uttered the name of Charles Babbage.
closest friend Ada Mary Sommerville enthusiastically depict extraordinary "analytical engine Sir Charles."
A few days later an acquaintance "little Ada" and "Big Charles."

By the time the intelligent computing machine Babbage had already existed for more than ten years, but, as the authorities of the British Empire did not see practical sense in this invention, in the financing of various pretexts refused.
For this reason, to bring the project to the development of the industrial design was not impossible.
this unfortunate fact, however, is not pushed madcap inventor Hell of a beggar.She was able to appreciate the uniqueness provide her with new horizons and made every effort to charm a professor at Cambridge University.
So, admittedly, it held the first programmer group.

Meanwhile, it was time to get married.
Looking around twenty Ada found beside him Willie, eighteenth Lord King, who later became the first Earl of Lovelace.
Opinionated handsome William Lovelace naively did not realize that over the years become a rubber stamp in the hands of his strong-willed wife.
He not only served as a nurse (for the first three years, they had three children), but also served as secretary and obedient and submissive to the banker, and a faithful husband.
Having achieved equilibrium in the family, Countess of Lovelace, scoring chores, with three times the energy withdrawn from the decree ladies rushed into mathematical depths.

In mid-1843, Charles Babbage read the letter from Ada: "I want to introduce an example in one of the notes: calculating Bernoulli numbers as an example of calculating machine undefined function without prior decision by a human head and hands. I - Devil or Angel. I work like the devil to you, Charles Babbage, I sift you are the Bernoulli numbers ... "
week later mathematician received in the mail the first in the history of mankind a computer program - an algorithm, which is a list of operations to calculate Bernoulli numbers ever.
calculation program on the machine Babbage, compiled Augusta Ada Lovelace, strikingly similar to the programming, then for the first computer.
is no coincidence that remarkable woman called the first programmer in the world.
Ada August formulated, why would a man need a computer: the development and batch processing of any functions ...
She wrote: "The machine - the mechanism of expression of any indefinite function of any degree of generality and complexity."

Chet Lovelace decided not to wait for favors from the government and persuaded Professor Babbage look for the practical application of the miracle capabilities of its machines.
So the trio came to the idea of ​​the development and validation of a practical win-win bets on races.
The main problem in this direction "scientific" activity was the need to regularly check for new scenarios in practice.But
horse, obeying some primeval instinct, rather than the laws of probability theory, fled once again from increasingly unpredictable.
Men's part of the game three, felt relief in a fair purses, refused participation in the development of the "system".
But the countess had not seen the way back.
Having spent virtually all of his personal funds, she sought the help of friends.But neither
Albany Fonblanque, editor of the influential London magazine "Examiner" or David Brewster, inventor of the kaleidoscope, or magnetic effect maestro Michael Faraday, nor the famous writer Charles Dickens was not given money.
Desperate Lady Ada lost careful aim and opened his company to complete strangers.
So it fell into the hands of fraudsters, and the group was the victim of vile blackmail group brazen bookmakers.Those
an ultimatum: either the money or the win-win scenario rates.
Countess was inconsolable.
If only she knew that during this episode of her life in the future will be given more, and the title of "first hacker planet!"

Salvation was an unexpected and tragic.
just a few months of illness Lady Ada lost interest in what is happening around.
She died before the age of 37 years,

US Department of Defense in the mid-70s of the 20th century adopted the name "Hell" as the name of a single programming language for the US military, and later for the whole NATO.

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