MAZ-206: Specifications.

urban bus MAZ-206 was developed and put into production in 1996 at the Minsk Automobile Plant.The need to create a model for the transport of persons on intercity routes is long overdue, because after the termination of deliveries of Hungary's famous "Icarus" all the major cities in the CIS countries were virtually no public transport.


Minsk experts signed with the German concern bus "Neoplan" licensing agreement for the production of buses under its own brand.After some time, the base model was created MAZ-103.Then we developed several modifications focused on passenger transport in the city.Machines have become successfully operate in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus itself.


In 2006, at the Moscow Motor Show was presented a new modification - passenger bus for the city routes MAZ-206 specifications that differ from the usual.It was a low-floor type vehicle to transport a limited number of passengers.The bus was designed for normal low load and could not load the interior fully.Its characteristics are suitable for office use and transport VIP-trips.To work on a busy city routes require other, more powerful machines.

low-floor model of the MAZ-206 accumulation in the central area of ​​the cabin was successfully operated on lines with an average intensity of passenger traffic.Automatic sliding pad make the bus indispensable mode of transport for people with disabilities and patients confined to a wheelchair.


total number of seats in the cabin of 25 seats, the bulk of which is located in the back of the bus.Ahead established only five seats, the rest of the space is designed for standing passengers and wheelchairs.Total bus can accommodate 72 people, but this is only in theory.Indeed, such a load is never allowed.

Seats inside the comfortable, two types of semi-soft with cloth upholstery and velor local issue such as Ster enhanced comfort, the Polish production.


Body model MAZ-206-metal bearing, wagon-type.The frame is assembled from box profiles which are welded together to form an easy and solid construction.After this base sheathed with galvanized iron sheet thus obtained the walls and roof.The front of the machine and the entire rear of fiberglass.

glass bonding in window openings manufacturer uses special technology that significantly increases the stiffness of the whole structure.Windscreen made of laminated glass, and all other windows, including reclining vents, - from the heat-absorbing tempered glass material.


bus MAZ-206 is equipped with two doors, clamshell design, with a maximum area of ​​glazing.Each leaf is reinforced diagonally placed handrails.The bus is equipped with a special safety device which blocks the movement of the door open, turning off the engine.

spacious driver's seat in the base case equipment is separated from the passenger compartment.On the right side walls arranged a special window through which you can take a fare and issue tickets.


Driver's seat model MAZ-206 is equipped with quite rationally and thoughtfully.All controls, including auxiliary, are in the field of view, instruments perfectly lit, chair with good ergonomics and is equipped with a headrest is adjustable in height and in the longitudinal plane.The steering column is produced by the German firm ZF also can be understood and down, if needed.

engine is in the back of the bus, its layout allowed to abandon the traditional gantry bridge.Rear axle - with the location of the center of the gear, leading.Engine management is carried out by hard arranged system of traction rods that transmit the driver's commands on the accelerator, gear levers and gears axis.Brakes MAZ-206 air, equipped with anti-lock system ABS.

have good bus service, parts MAZ-206, which may be required for repairs in advance are included in the cost of the machine, but only the minimum nomenclature.Nevertheless, this is an additional incentive to attract buyers.


Engine MAZ-206, which is installed on the bus, the German production company "Mercedes-Benz", with a capacity of 178 hpIt is adapted for movement on city streets with frequent peregazovkoy and other non-standard loads.The undeniable advantage of this engine is its compliance with environmental requirements for the standards "Euro-4" and "Euro-5".Further, the power unit equipped with a Webasto, heater to run in the cold season.

For those wishing to use the budget option proposed installation of the motor brand MSW.This power plant has a capacity of locally produced 154 liters.from.and meets environmental standards "Euro-2".And for those customers who are not going to save, the manufacturer can offer engine "Daimler-Chrysler".All engines consume about the same amount of fuel per hundred kilometers, and it is 17-22 liters.And when you consider that the capacity of the fuel tank MAZ-206 is 140 liters, the bus can deliver passengers all day without refueling.

MAZ-206 OMSI Bus

successfully runs through the streets of cities in different countries.In addition, the MAZ-206 is a member of OMSI, computer game.In fact, this is the usual simulator, but with good positioning.A full range of options, the machine moves along the route, road conditions are constantly changing, torquey engine allows to maneuver.