For 10 years she was married.

Barbarella Buchner Englishwoman married to cats Spyder and Lugosi and even tattooed on his leg at their nicknames.

When Web dizayenr Barbarella Buchner broke up with her boyfriend, which was a close relationship of 7 years, she thought she would never be able to find love.

But she recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the love of two beings, whom she married - cats and spiders Lugosi.As proof of his strong love for the couple tattooed woman even their nicknames in his right leg.

"Two of these cat - related to me the soul, says Barbarella. - Back when I was in a relationship with a man, he would come home and we were arguing and swearing at some occasion, and he wanted to communicate at a time whenever Idid not want to ... Lugosi and Spider differ from each other - and I'm definitely happy in marriage with them. I'm not alone, I have my cats. I do not regret the marriage with them and I do not care what people say ".

Barbarella always loved animals."Since my childhood I was surrounded by cats. Our family has always lived one or two cats. I was always a lover of animals, but cats have always been my favorite. But I was never fully satisfied with the attitude with cats who lived in our family. After all, these cats do notwere solely mine - they belong to our family. I could not have the relationship with cats, which I like, because fed them not me, but my parents. I drove them to the vets, did the parents. While the cats were more likely toI toy. But of course, the parents from an early age I was taught to respect the cat and fouling them. "

When, finally, we have a chance to make Barbarella own cats, she reacted to this case very seriously.

"For me it was like waiting child, - she said. - First. Than to give birth to or adopt a child, you'll surf the Internet to find out as much as possible. You will read books on relevant topics and attend support groups. That's what I didbefore you took my cats. "

She took them out of the London cat shelter.

According to her, it was love at first sight.

Barbarella now lives on the island of Lanzarote in Spain.She had a long relationship with several men, but married men it was not even once.

"I never really did not want to marry any of my male partner and I can not determine whether this was to be the wife of a human being. Some women are created to clean up after their men. Iis not like that. But I have never been against the ministry of my cats. - said Buchner. - I'm not humble woman, and not inclined to submission, but for my Spyder Lugosi and I will do everything ... My last boyfriend was the main person in mylife as long as our relationship began to deteriorate. I felt as if he wanted me to be his mother. Tear him was so painful that I cried for weeks after we broke up. But catsreally helped me through the process. I was sobbing in their soft fur, these guys all the time lying with me on the couch, and it calms me. They helped me to cope with anxiety and sadness. I previously loved two men at once, and lived with themboth, but my love for my two furry pets are much deeper than the one I had for men. "

In 2004 Buchner decided to issue love with cats and officially began looking for an opportunity to marry them.She found the appropriate site, which is representative for a fee had a quick marriage ceremony Barbarella with Lugosi and Spider January 9, 2005.In the same year the couple moved to live family life in Spain.

And now the answer to the question that some of the most interested.No, Barbarella is not one of bestiality and sex with their husbands fluffy does.

She says that both sides love is pure, chaste, spiritual.

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