Bad posture and cellulite

Yeah, yeah, that's not a typo!Bad posture - another cause of cellulite, which is often overlooked.And a very good reason.

When the first symptoms of the largest pay attention to their posture.Why is that?Yes, because bad posture leads to the wrong location, authorities, which significantly reduces the efficiency of their operation and results, in turn, to the additional stress of the circulatory system.

From our posture depends on the state of the inguinal canal.In the case of poor posture pelvis moves forward (buttocks protrude belly sticks out, the abdominal muscles relax and sag), why there is too stressed bend at the waist - the so-called lumbar lordosis, which compresses the contents of the inguinal canal, especially the veins and lymphatic vessels, and damagesoutflow of venous blood and lymph.Saggy abdominal muscles prevent normal functioning toraksoabdominalnogo pump, which leads to accumulation of fluid in the legs and buttocks.

However, the cellulite is easily treatable if you restore the correct posture.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes and high heels (above 5 cm) also contributes to the displacement of the pelvis forward, or underscore the already bulging belly.

Wearing improper shoes for a long time deforms the calf muscle and disrupts the normal circulation of the lower limbs.In addition, the artificial raising of the heel alters posture with all the ensuing consequences.So be very careful in the selection of shoes for themselves.

also desirable seat cross or crooked legs, sitting or standing in one position for a long period of time, as the disturbed normal blood circulation in the lower extremities, as in this position is squeezed one of the main veins of the body - the lower hollow Vienna, going onthe inner surface of the femur.This may bring some harm, because the veins in the legs easily vulnerable, a situation which contributes to the accumulation of body fluids in the lower limbs.Gymnastics for the legs always help in the prevention of cellulite.

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