Interview: What To Avoid

polite to talk about himself in the least.Even if you were asked about this, soon the conversation should be transferred to another topic.

own worries and troubles are discussed in your family or circle of friends;in society come to relax and have fun.

Home affairs and let the disease is discussed in detail in the one who can not find a better topic of conversation.

with your doctor should be consulted in the office hours and not to question him in the company or on the street about what means to take against gastrointestinal diseases.

Do not make the topic of conversation - at least in the presence of strangers - private affairs, the discussion of which would be unpleasant to another ("Well, you survived a scolding boss?").

If you write poems, the first of pleasuring himself;if they are interested publisher, the better.But demand from others that they listened to bad poetry, and then another, and kindly touted them as "exceptionally talented", rather tactless.

Machine Trust information sharing is not necessary, as well as to hint at things sensitive nature.Excessive honesty can be easily interpreted as a talkative and talkative person quickly loses credibility.

speak about the weaknesses of others is not a commendable job.The one who is trying to increase its share at the expense of others, behaved dishonestly.These people are considered with other human weaknesses and discuss them in the society.

conversation should be entertaining.Discussion receptions tennis can only briefly interested in the interlocutor, and that not everyone.If one of the guests all evening utters moralizing or expressed on highly specialized topics, it tired the rest.Do not engage in idle chatter, and from which others may benefit or pleasure.

interrupt the conversation if you feel that the other person listen to you without attention;Do that, and when it is not sure that the conversation they will certainly be interesting.Do not give

mood.True politeness requires that in an interview you were not just taking on, but also giving a party.Indecent, and for many, and probably painful when you entertain, and you yourself are silent as a fish.

not separated with a group of buddies from the rest of society.If you want to open his own club, the invited guests, who wish to spend the time to go home.

Wait when people occupying a high post and is highly respected, will appeal to you.Do not leave his interlocutor before he finished speaking.

neither hot nor annoying, if the person will object, or sympathy others present who are not closely followed the topic will not be on your side, even if we are talking about the most interesting things.

not whisper.If you need to whisper to any of the interviewees something in his ear, say, to draw her attention to any omission in the toilet, and so on. N., Take her aside.

speak slowly and clearly and look at this other person in the eye.View during a call with a button suit interlocutor and the more turn it into the hands of a very indecent.

points to another finger unacceptable.During the call, the hands should not be in your pocket or rest on the shoulders of the interlocutor.

If guests speak their native language, not to join with others in a conversation in a foreign language.In no case do not do this, if we talk about someone from the audience who do not speak the language.

not engage in a conversation on the street with his friends, if he hurries, or waiting for a lady.If your friend is accompanied by a strange lady, you can refer to it only when absolutely necessary.

Finally.Do not judge my friends only talk with them.It is important not their words, but above all their affairs.

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