How to pickle bacon with garlic Recipes with brine

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Lard is a very popular product in the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.In the European countries in the food it is practically not used.While in this part of the pork does not contain any harmful bacteria and parasites that can be found in meat.

Useful properties

worth noting that the salty bacon with garlic has many useful properties.It contains many elements needed by the body, which positively affect not only health but also the well-being throughout the day.In many countries around the world believe that because of the cholesterol content, this product is not worth eating.Therefore, the recipe is salted lard with garlic, they have not claimed.However, it is the cholesterol that is in the product, is best absorbed person, but when it starts to lack produced by the body.Such cholesterol and deposited on the blood vessels.Therefore, doctors recommend daily use of 70 grams of fat.


choosing a recipe for bacon with garlic salt, you should be guided by your own taste and preferences, although there are some components that are there to be sure.For the preparation required:

- lard - 1 kg;

- salt;

- pepper;

- garlic;

- bay leaf.


It is best to cook bacon in the brine.This allows you to give it a soft and pre-heat treatment will kill all the bacteria in the meat located interlayer.Therefore it is necessary to cut the fat into small pieces and put them into the bottle.That it will be the whole process of salting.


Many recipes telling how to pickle bacon with garlic marinade, offer to cook a cold brine.However, it is best to use boiling water, because then scald the entire product and softens its structure.To do this, we put water on the fire and bring it to a boil.After that, it was filled in a salt based twenty percent by weight of fat.If it is too much, it is scary because it is absorbed by the amount that is necessary.Some recipes that tell how fat with garlic salt, is recommended once in brine throw all the spices.In our case, only added a bay leaf and a couple of garlic cloves.


As such, the hot brine is poured into a bottle and put in a dark place for three days.After this time, the fat being removed from water and allowed to dry.Then rub it with a mixture of crushed garlic and pepper.Some recipes that tell how fat with garlic salt offer to replace pepper paprika.Then it is placed in parchment paper and place in the refrigerator.After it podmerznet, it can be cut into thin slices and serve.


Salt fat can be stored in this form for a long time, but it must be refrigerated.Under normal conditions, this period is shortened to three days, after which time the product begins to turn yellow and gets a bitter taste.