Delicious homemade muffins (different forms): how to do?

Probably no such people who would not have loved the homemade scones.Different forms (how to make cakes, we'll just continue to) give such a product in a manner not everyone.Therefore, submitting articles, we decided to dedicate it to the topic.From it you will learn about how to make buns, to form curls and classic bun.

different forms: how to do?

Generally, homemade scones prepared only from fancy yeast base.In other words, in the batter for these products should be added to the yeast, butter or margarine and sugar.Knead the soft foundation, it is covered with a towel and leave aside for 80-90 minutes.During this time, the dough must rise several times, become the most soft and lush.

So how do different forms of rolls?It should be noted that most of the housewives are preparing a batch, without relying on any prescriptions.Therefore, to give some form of buns you can at its sole discretion.

However, there are chefs who prefer to cook a certain pastries specific sizes and shapes.Consider some of these options in more detail.

Classic products

How to make buns of different shapes?Before answering this question, it should tell us how the classic round-shaped product.To do this, from a yeast dough-basics pinch off a piece the size of a fist, and then lubricate it with vegetable oil and roll up into a ball.In such a semi-finished product is placed into the deep form, and then to spread the same and all other products.At the same time between them there is no need to leave a particular distance.In fact, after baking semi-finished products, flavored butter, very well deviate from each other.

Form a bun

Now you know how to form the classic bun.Different forms (how to make buns, we will tell you right now) so you can come up with their own products.However, in this section of the article we have decided to tell you about how to make a beautiful and neat bun.From

approached pastry tear off a small piece and rolled it into a round cake with a diameter of about 12 centimeters and a thickness of 7-8 mm.Then sprinkle fine sugar products and rolled up into a tight roll.Subsequently, it is folded in two, the middle part is cut, leaving the ends of the whole form.The product is then spread on a greased baking sheet, cut with pre-opening of the semi-finished product.On top of it smeared chicken egg and send it in the oven.

We form curls

Before making rolls of various shapes, you should decide so, what kind of product you want.If the presence of toppings for you does not matter, for the formation of home baking, you can use the above method.Otherwise it recommends pay attention to the following method.

Since starting a home buns?Different forms (photos of products presented in this article) so you can make baking easy.However, we consider only the fastest and most popular way.To do this, all spread on the pastry board sprinkled with flour and rolled it into a rectangular layer thickness of no more than 8 millimeters.Then he spread the filling (eg poppy, thick jam, dried fruits, fruits, nuts, etc.) and tightly wrapped in a roll.Thereafter the product was cut into pieces.Their thickness does not exceed 4-5 cm.

Finally formed curls spread on a greased baking sheet or in the oven and send.At a temperature of 200 degrees bake for 52 minutes and then carefully removed.

It should be noted that it is on this principle bake the famous Cinnabon rolls.


Now you know how to prepare delicious homemade scones.Different forms (how to make buns and curlicues, we examined above) to give them quite easily.The main thing with this - only use yeast biscuit base and show a maximum of imagination.

way other than the present embodiments, there are many different ways to form a beautiful home buns.For example, someone makes them as braids, someone - in the form of sliced ​​loaf, but someone does and gives the appearance of French croissants buns.