Strengths person.

for the development of a full-fledged person must know the strengths and weaknesses of man.This can be heard in any psychological transfer or read in books.Everyone should know their strengths and weaknesses.This makes it easier to adapt for life and find the right job.How to figure out which ones are weak and have a strong?In many internal questions can be answered if you clearly understand what the person in psychology.Structure of the person consists of both positive and negative sides of.Trying to find a man without flaws - a waste of time and effort.

the issue of human strengths constantly approached for interviews.This technique is referred to as the basic psychological methods, which prefer to use the HR-managers.Of course, experienced recruiters are less and less eager to identify the strengths of the person, as applicants often use learned patterns or write those positive qualities, the owners of which are not.Weaknesses try to specify as little as possible, or do not write at all.The same goes for the stronger sex.Top quality men in understanding the society are not always as such, but the guys continue to follow the pattern that has been grafted onto them.

When analyzing the self difficulty lies in the fact that no one will not help in this.If the development of your talents as a child watched parents (led by various sections and interest groups, followed perseverance), then it is time to start work on a complicated.

How to identify the strengths quality?

Get accustomed to their talents.Strengths person always show through what he did.If people listen to your opinion, then, is your forte - psychology.There is no equal in the kitchen, and every recipe turns into a masterpiece, forte - cooking.You have a wonderful voice - singing.To find the strong side is not so difficult.

necessary to constantly evolve and to give yourself enough time to reveal themselves in due measure.These examples are a manifestation of the creative side of man, but talent can be more practical.For example, you negotiate well with people, then your horse - to communicate.

Poll environment - the path to self-knowledge

Another way to identify the strengths of the person is to ask friends, both old and new.They can tell a lot of interesting things, and their opinion is necessarily something away with your own.In a pinch, you can refer to a variety of psychological tests, the authors of which have calculated everything and thoughtful.

Be careful what you say in the interview

When you find yourself at the interview, settling on a job, you do not say that you are an excellent cook and sing.These are not the strengths of the person who wants to hear about the head.It is necessary to expand the nature of the components.With, for example, culinary talent, he becomes disciplined and responsible, because you need to be given enough time preparing meals and finding new and unexpected flavor combinations.

required a great imagination to create new delicious dish.Strengths of the person for the questionnaire - is communication skills, ability to plan, reliability, diligence, flexibility, analytical skills, ability to make quick decisions in a difficult situation.That they should pay attention to the professional activity.Do you like to write short essays?Then it is necessary to do journalism or copywriting.Good qualities in the man helping him to adapt socially and become successful.

And what with the weak features?

Along with strengths each person has and weak traits.And the denial of their presence is an indicator of unformed personality.I do not think that way you confess their weaknesses.Such arguments often lead to cardiac development.Ability to identify and analyze poor quality leads to inner balance.

How to deal with the negative in itself?

completely get rid of the negative traits is impossible, but in your power to make them less significant.If you are constantly running late, you know that the common tips on time management does not always help.

possible way - is to arrange business meetings in the office in the middle of the day, then you will always "be on time."But it does not always work: you and will be late for the train or at the airport.If you are unable to properly plan the workflow, you may want to consider the sequence of the actions and events have been scheduled.It is more convenient to put all the complex and significant cases at the beginning of the working day, and for the fulfillment of other things to take at the end, even if it does not meet the deadline, will not be worse.A good option would be the expansion of state employees, who will be able to do some work for you and will help to shift some responsibilities to them.Joined forces teams to easily perform all the work in time.

Fear of the public - not a sentence!

give another example of the most common problems of many - the inability to speak in public.With this encounter as a very young staff and experienced managers in presentations.To solve this problem will work with a professional psychologist and regular exercise.If you are chronotype "owl" in the morning will not be able to fully work, it would be logical to move all the essential things in the afternoon.In this case, the weaknesses will not interfere with the full activity, and you will be able to implement what is called the "ideal personality" in psychology.The structure of personality will be balanced and will not complicate life.

How to cope with the interview?

Any person expects the role of the applicant to the proposed post.How to prepare for the answers?First you need to consider the qualities of the following items:

  • skills gained during the development of knowledge;
  • general skills that will be useful in any job;
  • unique traits.

From this list, select three to five of the most suitable to the existing vacancy.It is advisable to choose as the qualities that you believe and can prove it in practice.Then you do the same thing, only with negative qualities.

women sometimes useful to other psychological trick: choose from a large list of the best qualities of those men who have a spouse.If it's not easy to do, remember what qualities he had, for that you love it.

Needless to say weaknesses in employment?

Any employer will ask you for an interview about the presence of weaknesses.Many job seekers ask a question: is it necessary to talk about them?What amount is considered sufficient?Can a reportable adverse effect on the opinion of the head and the results of the interview?An experienced recruiter understands that every person must have flaws, and if you are not able to identify them, the blank line in the questionnaire would always alert.

It is best not to show his excitement.It is useful to specify the methods to eliminate their weaknesses you have.The company in which you want to apply, should be informed and prepared for the nuances of the nature of the employee.The main thing in any interview is with what calmness and confidence you are able to talk about your strengths and weaknesses.This behavior will not go unnoticed, you will be evaluated as a mature man and a full-fledged personality.The strong qualities of a person do not need to put on public display as it may seem bravado and insincerity.