The advertisement on the Web and the nuances of its location

today impossible to imagine business without advertising.The thoughtful ad, the more precisely a strategy of promotional activities, the higher the income and successful business.Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs understand this, and so they often feel sorry for money for the promotion of information about themselves or engage their own unwinding.Remember the saying about the mean, which pays more than once?Savings on advocacy and promotion often leads to losses.So remember: the advertisement, as well, and the whole advertising strategy is to develop a specialist.I'm not saying that this can not be learned.Can!And we must!For those who want to add their business reputation on the Internet, some proven tips.

Add an advertisement in the Internet.It is expensive?

This is the question most frequently asked by beginners, for the first time confronted with Internet advertising.The answer is: it's not just cheap.In the web you can advertise for free.To do this, type in a search engine "Boards" and then just fill in the form below.With this kind of work can handle first-grader.It is much harder to write proper ad that can generate interest and response of potential customers.You need to know the specific requirements and regulations.Failure to do so will leave unnoticed the news, even about the most lucrative business, or exotic.

How to write an advertisement

is enough to keep the five rules to achieve a return on posting of material.

  1. Any ad should have a title that includes keywords.Keywords - words for which people often seek necessary.In Yandex usually stands out in bold.Keys must conform to the most popular queries, which can be found in the statistics of keywords.Example.The advertisement can start with the phrase "selling tables for cafe."Such a request is sent to all visitors 144 times.Request the "Sell table" 6058 interested people.
  2. same or near the keyword must be repeated several times in the declaration.These options can also search for statistics requests.What am I doing?For example, the St. Petersburg-St-Sp.-B, etc.
  3. If you decide to place an advertisement about yourself or your company, be sure to fill out all the necessary forms (for example, a business card), leave all of the contact.It is necessary that your potential client can quickly obtain reliable information and to check it.In addition, the business card filled with ads published above the rest, the individual are highlighted on the map.
  4. Use inducing words (this technique is called Call to action).Do not pour water, write effectively, so that the client wanted to call or come instantly.(Call right now! Come and get a discount! Etc.)
  5. use services compliance, which can make your ad as accessible a wide audience.
  6. If, despite all efforts, you can not master the science of writing ads, hire a specialist: the cost of it will be paid back quickly, and your business will become more profitable.