Einstein Museum (Volgograd) will interest both children and adults

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Recently, many parents complain that their children do not exhibit curiosity, no interest in the phenomena of nature and social life, fewer read and ask questions, spend more time playing computer games such as "shooters" and social networking.Meanwhile, to attract the attention of the child to be interesting and useful exercise is realistic: with reading books, watching educational TV programs, play educational games, go to the theater and museums, such as the Einstein Museum (Volgograd).

The remarkable museum?

Museum of entertaining science Einstein (Volgograd) differs from similar cultural facilities in the first place so that visitors not only view the exhibits, but also to learn the laws of physics, with the knowledge of math and science, are taking part in an unusual experiment, play exciting games.For recreation and sharing experiences provides a cozy cafe.

The museum is a consultant who not only talk in detail about a particular exhibit, and will monitor the implementation of the experiments the young researchers will organize fun games and contests.Information is fed entertaining, is available for both children and adults, so complex scientific laws are perceived no apparent effort.Einstein Museum (Volgograd), which reviews the exhibition very positive, resembles a giant laboratory.

Unusual exhibits

Can I touch the zipper?Yes, if it is chosen by Einstein Museum (Volgograd).Electrical appliances, simulating the effect of lightning, are enclosed in glass balls, so touch to this natural phenomenon in the museum is absolutely safe.

fiction seem real location of a person inside the bubble.In fact, nothing complicated about it.The bubble is blown through a special device, and gradually close the visitor.To soap ball burst prematurely not specifically selected ratio of soap and water.

there be a bridge without nails?This seems incredible, but the museum staff happy to explain the principles of the construction.The matter is of special stacking logs and method of attachment.Such bridges are complemented arches, railings and other architectural details.On the model of the bridge without nails wooden sticks connected by a principle of the puzzle, so to get the arch.

very curious to know how it looks like a peacock in flight, which is the largest tanker in the world went from the expression "in the bag", see the telescope of Galileo Galilei and learn to tie lasting knots.This is such an extraordinary museum Einstein (Volgograd), photo agencies (Interior) can be seen below.

Interesting facts from consultants Museum

many great people (Edison, Darwin, Einstein, Walt Disney and others) at one time was considered worthless, and even mental retardation.The inventor of the periodic table Mendeleev in chemistry at the time to "three", and the head of the automotive empire Henry Ford several times declared himself bankrupt.Creator Radio Marconi because of his ideas about the transmission of words from a distance even went to a psychiatrist.But after a while radio saved the lives of mariners in distress.

known that snakebite is deadly, but as it turned out, not all.One employee terrarium Abu Sinha cobra bite.The man not only does not hurt, but it did not even feel the bite.The researchers found that the blood of this man has unusual properties.Snake venom in the body breaks down into Abu elements, which are then synthesized nutrients.Blood Sinha does not coincide with any of the existing groups, as it has a unique structure, which has no equivalent in the world.

in school biology classes, children learn that mushrooms combine features of plants and animals.But can move the mushrooms?These organisms take root deep underground, creating a mycelium.To what extent education can be considered spawn movement, but there is a fungus that travels in space.He called Plasmodium.

All of the above and much more can be heard in person, if you visit the Einstein Museum (Volgograd).

entertaining experience

all know, it looks like a chess board.If you change a little black and white cells, and then transfer the image to the floor, then there is an optical illusion.The man standing in one corner of the room will seem dwarfed, and the one who took the opposite corner, a giant.When moving from one corner to the other creates the illusion of the gradual growth of the participant of the experiment.

If the inflated balloon squeeze a little orange peel, then from a toy on a string will be over.The fact that the orange limonene contains a chemical that dissolves the rubber.Just extinguished candle can ignite when exposed to a cigarette lighter.In the rising mist there are traces of wax, so the ignition occurs.

get through any hard-boiled egg into a bottle?Yes, if it is to help.The bottle is lubricated with oil on the bottom of the vessel lowered the paper set on fire, and then closes the neck of an egg."Pushing in" egg inside is due to low blood pressure that occurs after cooling down the heated air.

Such experiments are very interesting for children, but you can only deal with experiments under the supervision of adults.Better yet, the whole family to go to the Einstein Museum (Volgograd).

Where is and how the museum?

cultural institution, under whose roof is collected so many interesting and unusual items, for the past two years is open to residents and visitors on the main avenue in the house № 70. Hours of work - from 10 to 20 hours daily.We accept group bookings on excursions.

Einstein Museum (Volgograd): how to get to the store of knowledge

Near the museum is a stop of Gorky Park.Here stop Metrotram ST, ST 2, taxis, trolley buses №№ 1, 8, 8A, bus № 37. The nearest metro station - "Pioneer".

administration and museum staff are happy to each visitor.