June 1st.

What a great date - June 1!The first day of the month, the first day of summer, the beginning of the holidays for schoolchildren.And how many significant events in Russia is celebrated on 1 June.After reading this article, you will learn about all the interesting facts that make this a popular day.

People born June 1: horoscope and character traits

person born on this day, trying to keep up with the times: to dress fashionably, read popular literature, to choose a profession in demand in society.It is inherent in empowering people with your personality traits, which subsequently causes disappointed.One of the negative qualities is too superficial approach to perform any act, failure to push the matter to its logical conclusion.

The man, born June 1, the zodiac sign - Gemini.They run two planets: Mars and Mercury, which gives him the ability to quickly establish contacts with people and communicate at ease with them.But these people also tend to be unnecessary concern and worry over nothing.

people celebrating this day birthday party

According to ancient calendar Birthdays 1 Jun is the people who were called the baptism with the following names: Dmitry, Ignat, Anastasia, Ian, Ivan Sergei.Also, your angel can celebrate the Day of the person named Cornelius, since June 1 Orthodox Church commemorates the Rev. Cornelius Komel'sk.It is believed that if a child born on this day is named after him, he will inherit all of his positive character traits.

Folk Calendar

This day is popularly known as "Ivan the debt."This name is given due to the fact that the day is much longer than the night.In daylight, you can redo a lot of different things, and yet be able to relax.On this day there are many different signs.What will the weather, so will the entire month.June 1 was a day of planting cucumbers.Even in this day we made a conspiracy against the weather, crop failures and pests.

international festival June 1

In almost all countries around the world celebrated International Children's Day.It was approved in November 1949, and was celebrated for the first time in 1950.This day is an occasion not only for the children's fun, but also reminds all adults that they are responsible for their children and should exercise the utmost care of them and protect against all adversity.By holding this festival in Russia are carefully prepared: developing a program, organized concerts and various activities for children.

Agricultural workers can also arrange a celebration.After June 1 - World Milk Day.The status of international festival he bought in 2001, although in some countries celebrated as a national for many years.Seven years after the day of milk received his confession, he was celebrated in 40 countries.In Russia, the main celebrations organized in the Rostov region.They held sports and fun games, free treat dairy products.The main purpose of the World Day is to explain the benefits of milk dairy products for the human body and people familiar with the production technology of this product.

events that are worthy of attention in our country

was adopted on June 1 anti-smoking law in Russia.In 2014 completely banned the sale of tobacco products in kiosks.At the same stores, all products must be hidden from the eyes of buyers can choose the goods in the catalog.Effective from June 1, 2014 the law tightens the requirements for heavy smokers.Significantly increased the number of places where you can not smoke.It bars, restaurants, cafes, markets and retail premises, hotels and hostels.Also scenes in movies that show smoking should be accompanied by social advertising.In all institutions where you can not smoke, you should be posted to prohibit special characters.There should be areas set aside for smokers.The ban does not apply to blown veranda.

June 1, Russia also Day of the Northern Fleet.In 1933, the first day of summer, was formed North Flotilla.July 15, 1996 Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy order was issued, and the date is firmly entrenched in our calendar.

About festival celebrated on this day in the world

  • Kenya - Freedom Day, which the locals called "Madaraka".
  • In Mongolia, June 1 - Day of the mother and child.
  • island nation of Samoa celebrates Independence Day.
  • Tunisia celebrates the Day of the Constitution (adopted in 1955).

Important events in Russia

1798 - Establishment of the Institute for Noble Maidens in St. Petersburg.

1806 - laid the foundation for the Smolny Institute in St. Petersburg.

1867 - the day of foundation of the Institute of magistrates.

1922 - in the Soviet Union opened the first international airline.

1960 - opening of the Moscow International Airport Sheremetyevo.

1965 - Soviet writer Sholokhov awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1992 - Russia becomes a member of the 165 International Monetary Fund.

Significant events in the world

1779 - the foundation of Mariupol.

1831 - the opening of the North Magnetic Pole J. Englishman. Ross.

1858 - Canada made the first coins.

1862 - in the United States to abolish slavery.

1863 - the first flight on the airship "Aeron-1."

1925 - the creation of an American car company, "Chrysler."

1979 - the emergence of a new independent state in Africa - Zimbabwe.

2009 - The plane crashed over the Atlantic Ocean, which killed 228 people.

Celebrities who were born on this day

Famous people born June 1:

  • Russian composer Mikhail Glinka;
  • English poet and writer John Masefield;
  • American actress Marilyn Monroe;
  • writer Boris Mozhaev;
  • composer Alexander Doluhonyan;
  • American actor Morgan Freeman;
  • actress and Yevgeny Simonov;
  • skier Larissa Lazutina;
  • Soviet hockey player Viktor Tyumen.