Bar Quest bar - the key to progress

workout at the gym, even in spite of a well-written program will not bring the desired impact if the athlete does not adhere to proper and regular meals.But how difficult it is to eat 5-6 times a day, as recommended by professional instructors and successful athletes.

Most of us wake up in the morning, drink 1-2 cups of coffee and goes to work.At lunch we usually eat a few sandwiches or a snack at a nearby cafe.Then the whole day did not eat, and come home late at night.And for dinner, you can have and how to clear up: for the meal we consume more calories than a whole working day.

time to change the approach to food

This schedule is invalid.Before 14.00 the body should get 60-70% of the total number of calories a person needs naa day.Only in this case, all the processes of metabolism will proceed to the benefit of the body.

proper and balanced diet is a major factor in bodybuilding, which contribute to the achievement of results and progress.

Sports nutrition can improve the effect of exercise: due to the intake of nutrients in overdose athlete stimulates the body recover faster, accelerating the growth of muscle fibers.

But not every athlete can devote all your time just training.Someone has a job not related to bodybuilding, and someone at home waiting for the family, which also need attention.

All this prevents to make a regular meal and sports supplements, contributing to slow progress.

What a way out of this situation?

Batonchik Quest bar will help bring the body portion of the necessary nutrients in the most inconvenient for a full meal time.

The main advantage of such sports nutrition is that it is very transportable: you can put a bar in any pocket and carry it wherever you want.And if the time comes when the body will require another portion of energy, enough to get it out of his pocket, open the package and eat.Nothing could be easier.

In addition it is very convenient, protein bars Quest bar has a unique composition and a pleasant taste.

Also, do not think that such additives can be used only to athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding.Food supplements in the form of bars are actively used and the people involved in other sports.Especially popular bars bodybuilders.However, dealing with light and heavy athletics, gymnastics, and those kinds of sports where a person quite busy training schedule and there is no way in time to replenish stocks of the organism, convenient pay tribute to sports nutrition.

Quest bar (bars): composition

In fact, this species there are many pleasant meals.They differ not only taste, but also the ratio of ingredients that make up.

But you can highlight averaged composition which is suitable for describing the bars:

  1. Protein set.Quest bar bar contains a mixture of different kinds of proteins.Basically it is a milk protein and high protein isolates.
  2. isomalt-oligosaccharides.It's a certain kind of prebiotics, which help to establish a good bowel function.
  3. Eritrea.This flavor sweetener is recognized as one of the least harmful.So do not be afraid of the terrible name, because it is usually a sugar substitute.
  4. water.
  5. flavored.For example, the nuts can be used.

As can be seen from the similar product is completely safe for regular consumption.The only thing there are differences of protein powder or carbohydrate cocktails - is ease of use.After all, to eat a bar Quest bar, you do not need to buy a shaker scoop and a bag of protein concentrate.All that can be said is already connected to the product, and you can only get it from the package.

How to use?

If a person uses a bar Quest bar in their diet, and its aim to remove excess fat - will be enough to use it 1-2 times during the day.Doing it better not during the meal, and as snacks.

Athletes recommended about 3 times a day to use such additives: 1 times immediately after exercise, and 2-3 times in between full-fledged meals.

The main advantages of using

can distinguish the following quality bars compared to other types and forms of sports nutrition:

  • ease of use;
  • transportability;
  • saving time and money;
  • accessibility;
  • enriched with extra vitamins, minerals and other nutrients composition;
  • different variants flavored.

Where can I buy?

can not but rejoice that today are available in almost all the shops bars and exercise rooms Quest bar.Moscow - is no exception.In addition, they can be easy to buy in specialized online stores, as this product is one of the most popular, it is in all remote sales points.

And what about those who have not yet dared to try the products Quest bar (bars)?Reviews of this sports supplement people leading a healthy lifestyle, only positive.The main evidence of the quality of the product that it is the most popular in the US, where bodybuilding is much better developed than in any country of the former USSR.

And due to a wide variety of flavored you can pick the one that you will have the most pleasant.Due to the large range breaks the old stereotype that everything useful necessarily be tasteless.