Jessica Alba and Jessica Chastain in photo shoots for fashion InStyle.Interview with Alba and her advice to all women of fashion (photos + video ) .

Two well-known American actress, beauty and namesake, Jessica Chastain (Jessica Chastain) and Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), acted in a fashion photo shoots for two rooms of InStyle February 2013 - for the British and American editions.

We invite you to see both the photo shoot and a video of the shooting Chastain and - read an interview with Jessica Alba, in which the star talks about her style and fashion tastes, and gives the most important advice to all women of fashion.

is interesting that, despite the very different style and spirit of the photo shoot, both stars graced the covers of magazines in similar satin skirts with floral prints from the same collections «ready-to-wear» by Dior.

So, in the February issue of InStyle UK in 2013 appeared Jessica Chastain, who documented in the lush and gorgeous dresses from Alexander McQueen, Prada, Miu Miu, Dior and other famous brands photographer Micaela Rossato (Micaela Rossato).

photos redheaded actress was very feminine and sensual, but it still does not Jessica looks "femme fatale", as the author suggests images and editors of the magazine.

And the February edition of InStyle USA 2013 supplemented with other modes photoshoot, with Jessica Alba.

In this series of images photographer Dusan Reldzhin (Dusan Reljin) and stylist Samir Nasri (Samira Nasr) miraculously combines the toilets of high fashion from the collections of Dior with a life of mother and housewife - apparently alluding to the life that has to keep Jessica - actress andmother of two daughters.

In an interview with Alba admitted that she is ready to almost any fashion experiments - "never say never", according to the stars, however, and she has things that Jessica would never wear.

For example, in spite of the beautiful figure, the actress is sure that will never wear a mini-shorts.Dislikes Alba and big shoulder pads, although she likes the distinct shoulder line - in dresses by Isabel Marant.

among their favorite brands Jessica calls brand Narciso Rodriguez, Oak and Cheap Monday.However, the most important advice to all modern women of fashion from Alba - Find yourself a good tailor!

«Wherever you are dressed, no matter what to buy - clothes from H & amp; M, Topshop, Target, Forever 21, or even outfits from the collections of high fashion, if you do not fit, if you do not sit like a glove, consider the money spentnothing - says the actress.- So get yourself a good tailor is to sew your clothes on a figure, and will look like a million bucks! »

itself Alba says that her style and manner of dress changed dramatically after she became a mother four years ago."Before, my uniform was just leggings and sweaters - says Jessica.- And now I got into the taste, interested in fashion, ready to experiment with bold prints, bright colors and various styles. »

However, there are some things that Alba is particularly fond of wearing - for example, skirt with a high waist, sandals and sandals with a variety ofstraps, or denim with Lycra to well stretched.

«In his feet, I'm sure - I am not afraid to show their sandals and sandals with open toes, - says the actress.- However, at least one strap over the toes should be to make it look good. »

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