The pores, age spots, shiny skin: Solve the problem of summer!

Of course, all will not disappear overnight, but if persistently and systematically follow these tips, then very soon you will notice that your efforts are beginning to bear fruit.The skin will not to shine in the T-zone, the pores will be straight and closed, dark spots disappear and so on.

Help, the skin is constantly shines!

More than half of the fairer sex are faced with the problem of hot summer oily and shiny skin."I use a powder, but it still shines!" "Whenever possible, I go to the bathroom and absorb fat from the face with a napkin or toilet paper" - such statements can often be seen in online forums.


- Twice a day use detergents with salicylic acid in the composition.Once a week, make a mask, too, with salicylic acid.

- As part of the cleanser may be clay, she, like salicylic acid, cleans the pores and prevents the formation of excess fat.1-2 times a week with clay masks are shown.

- Effective tea tree oil and calendula extract, they are working on the balance of the skin and ground dull skin without stripping natural oils good.

- exfoliate your skin once a week.A gentle scrub removes dead skin cells, allowing your cleaning agents (controlling sebum) to work much more efficiently.

- A good primer will help the new generation to the problem of excess polish.Choose matting primers, primers have labeled «oil-control» (that is, controlling the allocation of oil), and semi-tonal means water-based.

- Bring in makeup blotting towels.Do not wipe them skin and simply touch to make-up remained in place and excess fat soaked cloth.

What not to do:

- Do not use alcohol-based toners or astringents strong compositions, they only provoke the skin to produce skin oil more.

- Do not use a cloth soaked in alcohol means.It is better if they are impregnated with natural oils.But if such tissues are not found - the usual dry wipes is quite cope with the task to absorb sebum and oil.

Help, the skin is dry and flaky!

typical winter problem skin care in the summer and some, particularly evident in big cities and in women experiencing stress.The right solution - a vacation or even a walk in the fresh air.But care will help.


- Wash morning and night with a mild detergent.Check them easily - they do not foam.

- Moisturize the skin after each wash.Replace oil moisturizer for the face.If the skin is combined, and have fatty areas, apply oil only on dry, scaly skin.

- Use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, gialuronka capable of much longer and more moisture retention than any other components.

What not to do:

- Avoid too heavy moisturizers.Oddly enough, they can only interfere.When we talk about such creams, dermatologists, especially nocturnal mean anti-age agents.Even if the skin is very dry, heavy night creams clog pores and cause acne, so that the skin does not feel improvement.

Help, appeared dark spots!

In this case, it is better to to go to a dermatologist because pigmentation can signal major changes in the skin that must be immediately eliminated.If fresh spots and not too bright, you can try to whiten them, lighten.


- Use soy moisturizer twice a day.This cream has many eco-brands, for example, Aveeno.

- cream with coffee berries are removed dark spots.

What not to do:

- Do not forget the sunscreen.Even if you use the lightening creams do not protect the skin with a high SPF, it's a waste of effort and money.

Help, I have enlarged pores!

shrink pores with makeup is not possible, it is only capable of Surgery.However, there are tools and techniques of care that narrow pores (say, for a limited time), making the skin smoother and more even.


- Apply at night treatment with retinol.This will remove dead skin cells from the pores, the pores will not stretch and become less noticeable.

- Microdermabrasion is "working" on narrowing far.You can enroll in a salon, but now appear to perform microdermabrasion kits at home.

- Laser (procedure Smooth Beam, smooth ray) every six months, it makes the skin perfectly smooth, although the procedure is not cheap, $ 400 per session.

- Masks protein-based or clay (1-2 times a week) markedly reduces pores.However, the effect lasts only a few hours.

What not to do:

- Squeezing blackheads and pimples makes the pores larger leaves scars for a long time.

- Follow all recommendations given for shiny skin, it's a whole pores.

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