Conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet - features and benefits

advertising campaigns on the web today for many organizations - a mandatory component of their marketing promotion.This fact is easily explained.Quality advertising on TV, radio, popular newspapers and magazines, is unnecessarily expensive.This is understandable: the process of creating this product is very time-consuming and expensive airtime.Thus, having similar baseline data, an advertising campaign on the Internet will cost the customer in 5 or even 10 times cheaper!This promotion can cover a much larger percentage of the audience, and this is said about its advantages over traditional methods.

stages of the advertising campaign on the Internet are very similar in meaning to the point of production of the product in any other media platforms.First of all, experts on promotion on the Internet collect and analyze information about the product or service, the target audience and its preferences and needs.Accordingly, it is determined which communication channels will be used and in what format.

further develop the creative concept and choose the specific resources, which in one form or another will advertise.At this stage they write texts, develop and approve the schedule of banners, scripts, videos, etc.

And the third stage - the immediate implementation of all that has been done - all the articles, videos, banners, etc.placed on previously determined sites.Of course, the advertising campaign on the internet in every case requires an individual approach and original ideas, but the general outline of the process looks that way.

Among the variety of this promotion are several of its key areas.

  1. SMM - is advertising a product, service, brand or any company that takes place in the pages of social networks, forums, blogs, conferences and other such resources, the main advantages which are very rapid spread and feedback from potential consumers.
  2. Contextual advertising.It gives the user the small advertisements with links, according to his demands entered in the line of any search engine.Advantage - direct hit to the representative of the target audience.That is, if a person is interested in washing machines, contextual advertising will give him the link to the page where he can buy that product, not a bike, for example.
  3. Viral advertising.Advertising campaigns of many brands using its capabilities.And with effective creative approaches are endless.Its action is based on the dissemination of necessary information by the users themselves.That is, for example, you come up with a non-standard video about the product, put it on a page in a social network, and the users themselves spread it among your friends and subscribers, because it really interesting.
  4. Banner.Classic, which still includes an advertising campaign on the Internet.It acts on the principle of the print media - the customer pays for the actual area, artist places his banner for a certain period.
  5. SEO-promotion.Is provided by means of search engines, which give out links to your page when a user-entered keywords into the search box.When properly selected key has a very high efficiency.