What will the further melting of glaciers in Greenland?

Unfortunately, since the signing of the Kyoto climate treaty situation on the planet is complicated.Moreover, over the past half-century it has worsened significantly since the rate of melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica is significantly accelerated.

particular concern of scientists is melting glaciers of Greenland, the likes of which the planet has not yet been fixed.Experts report that over the last 30 years of monitoring the rate of melting of ice has grown so much that in a few years it will be possible to Greenland rightfully called the "green island", as the ice on it may not remain.

of concern is the fact that even at the highest points of this wonderful island, where the ice did not melt for millennia, was also recorded by the melting of glaciers.It is reported that if the percentage of previously melt was not more than 40%, but now it has increased to 97%.The worst thing is that scientists simply can not explain the nature of this phenomenon.

Several calms the fact that the ice partially restored, but this is not happening as fast as what was before.Almost every day of the Greenland ice sheet break away more and more chunks of ice, the size of which in most cases are enormous.The area of ​​one of these icebergs that drift is now in the vicinity of the coast of Canada, more than 200 square meters.km!

What all this threatens our planet?The worst thing is that the melting glaciers of 2012 could cause a catastrophic rise in sea level.Scientists predict that after the complete melting of the Greenland ice he can grow just 6 meters.It should be understood that raising the level of only one meter is fraught with incredible disasters.If the melting of glaciers will continue at the same pace, then humanity will have hard times.

particularly pessimistic scientists predict the possibility of a dramatic shift of tectonic plates due to their rapid release from under the incredible weight which pressed upon them more than one millennium.If these forecasts come true, the melting of glaciers could trigger the emergence of the second "Ring of Fire" volcano on the planet.Only this time centers eruptions will not be in a relatively safe for us to the Pacific Ocean and right at the shores of Europe.

possible to prevent such terrible consequences?Unfortunately, only in part.Stop the running process of disappearance of the ice on the planet entirely, we can not.Anyway, at the present level of technological development.In addition, we can not say for sure what has caused such a rate of disappearance of ice: the activities of a person or other, unknown to us reasons.

We can only carefully monitor the melting of glaciers and timely to take measures to evacuate people from the most dangerous coastal settlements and towns.It will play an important role and ongoing work of seismologists, which may confirm or refute the theory of shifting tectonic plates.