Professional advice on Feng Shui: The color scheme of the decor

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Feng Shui - is not only an art but also a science that emerged in ancient China.With the Chinese "hair" is translated as "wind" and "shui" - water.He teaches and shows how you can balance the energy within the room that the space contributed to the prosperity and health, success and vitality, or "chi" - our inner energy.

There are several aspects and variations on the organization of living space - a house and office, and the color palette is one of the most important aspects of this art, as by color, as well as emotions, passed the internal state of and prospects for the future.Each color belongs to one of the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood.The use of a particular color, or combinations thereof, balance the energies that have a positive impact on different aspects of our lives.

Element: Fire

Fire symbolizes the energy and passion, and thus activates the vital energy.If you bring the color of the elements in the interior, you can feel the surge of energy that will positively affect the career.Since the fire - a symbol of sexual energy, and a love sphere becomes saturated.The colors that belong to the element of Fire: red, orange, yellow, purple, pink.

They must occupy a central place in the interior, but not to overdo it - everything must be balanced.Room with seating juicy orange and other accents make everyone feel a burst of energy and adrenaline.

use in the interior color of feng shui, such as yellow screen - a good way to achieve the desired effect.Even the use of muted colors elements of fire, for example, striped cushions are able to breathe energy into the quiet interior of the bedroom.Of course, deep purple color in the interior, from floor to ceiling, calls for expression of passion.

elements: earth

earth element symbolizes stability and fertility as Mother Earth.The use of this element in the interior will help to stabilize the situation, to bring peace in the relationship and protect the relationship.Elements of the elements help to find hope, health and inner balance, and strengthen mental capacity.The colors of the elements earth: beige, sand and light yellow.

the kitchen with the deep colors of the earth element looks fine soft cream color.This combination gives the interior a modern and warm, friendliness and confidence.

can combine the element of earth and wood.This combination gives the interior comfort, friendliness and hospitality.Choosing is quiet sandy colors for decoration of furniture of massive objects, because they are organically combined with any interior.If you use a color element of the Earth when decorating a bedroom, it is possible to achieve an atmosphere of peace, comfort and relaxation at the end of the working day.

Element: Metal

to Metal symbolizes purity and accuracy.The space will not only stimulate performance, attention and accuracy, as well as a sense of clarity, but also help to soothe and balance the energy of "chi".The colors of the elements of Metal: metallic, gray and white.

warm color "metallic" gives the interior elegance, clarity and precision of lines.Silver gray velvet chairs, will certainly attract attention, prigashaya sit.

wallpaper with floral design, simulated gold color, ideally complement and accentuate the deep blue.Even such simple items as brass floor lamp and a modest vase on the coffee table in the living room, it is easy to show the effect achieved thanks to the colors of the elements of Metal.

Element: Water

Water symbolizes the ease, abundance, and work to improve the internal world.Using the element of water in the interior will provide a positive sense of tranquility, purity and freshness.They will help to strengthen your concentration, judgment and creativity.Water element colors: blue and black.

Do not paint all the walls in the room in blue and black buy furniture to add the element of water in the interior.Suffice it to a small element that not only complement the interior and emphasize the individuality, but also will contribute to ensure that the colors work effectively.

contrast of blue wall you can hang a round mirror that will reflect sunlight and not only to revive the interior, but also to imitate the sun's rays shine on the surface.The same effect will be achieved if, instead of a mirror to use any object that can reflect light.

Deep Blue in the decoration of the walls hiding place gives it the image of an oasis in the desert, especially in combination with the colors of the earth element.If the paint is one of the central elements of an interior color element of water, and the room to place different objects of the same color, the result is a stunning peaceful atmosphere.

Element: Wood

tree symbolizes growth and viability.The use of colors in the interior elements of the Tree will desire to work, to strengthen health and activates the growth and activity determination.The elements are also elements of earth and pot plants.They will encourage change from within, and it will contribute to changes in life.The colors of the elements of wood: brown and green.

Elements muted brown streamlined shapes give the interior organic and calm.Live Pot flowers bright green - this is the perfect addition to the interior and the proper use of elements Tree elements.

Using multiple elements Tree elements, and it can be delivered in a vase and twigs, and branches woven ball, and a wooden parquet floor, will link all components of the interior into a single whole, and the room will correspond to the modern trends of interior decoration.Just remember that the tree should not be used in the deep, dark and very light colors.A proper lighting because the light - a symbol of the element of Air, give the interior a modern and fresh.However, there interiors.Even the stick can be fenshuynymi.

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