BELAZ 450 tons, the largest truck in the world

Supercar "Belaz - 450 tons," which presented a photo on the page, truck to work in the quarries, is the most powerful carrier worldwide.Produced giant in Belarus in Zhodino.In 2013, the giants was awarded a certificate "The biggest dump truck in the world."Net machine weight is 810 tons, and can reach a speed of 64 km / h.

Title truck "BelAZ - 450 tons of" simplified in the statutes machine listed under the symbol 75710. Compared with foreign counterparts vehicle parameters have a significant advantage.The model is constantly improving in the production process, and the end of 2015 at the factory test site should be a new "Belaz - 450 tons," which will go on after the test quarrying.


MAZ Model 75710 is equipped with a high-powered engine, consisting of two diesel generators with a total thrust of 8,500 hp, wheeled electric energy supply.When fully loaded truck engines provide maximum traction force and motion with an empty body of one generator is switched off.Diesel fuel consumption is 500 liters per hour while traveling with a load.

"Belaz - 450 tons" and its propulsion system designed to work in conditions of temperature from -45 to +45 degrees.Technical characteristics of the vehicle allow it to operate around the clock.

economic benefits

production of dump trucks due to the large financial investment and the price of finished high-end models can reach six million in dollar equivalent.However, the productive capacity of the machine type, "Belaz - 450 tonnes" is so huge that the machine pays for itself in two years.And then it begins to bring net profit.

Development heavy-duty dump trucks "Belaz - 450 tons" has become necessary due to rising demand for vehicles for the mining companies.Existing machines could not cope with the volume of traffic.Specificity of different scale mining companies, mining millions tons, and the volume to be delivered to its destination.With this problem now handle heavy duty "BelAZ".

need for high-capacity mining trucks is increasing.Capacities "BELAZ" expanded over the past four years were built new facilities with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 30,000 sq / meters.Worldwide introduced the most advanced technologies.Today the Minsk Automobile Plant in Zhodino ranks first in the number of trucks produced giants.The model number is about 20 and modifications supergruzovikov career.Each model is made in accordance with the quality, developed by leading research institutes in the road transport of Russia and Belarus.The cooperation of the industrial enterprises of the two countries makes it possible to ensure uninterrupted production of the material.


Belarusian giants are sent to different countries, cars are willing to buy the company, engaged in the extraction of minerals, iron and aluminum ore, bauxite and minerals.Reliability and dependability dump worked well in quarrying around the world.Complaint in the production of heavy supercars is not seen, because each failure the fault of the manufacturer - is the loss of a significant amount, as well as the confidence of the buyer.Therefore, at a factory in Zhodino all done conscientiously and thoroughly.

"Belaz - 450 tons," "Chernigovets"

August 21, 2014 the governor of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, has launched a unique production project in Kuzbass coal quarrying industry.Extraction of "black gold" in the amount of hundreds of millions of tons was made possible thanks to the participation of new super-heavy trucks "Chernigovets", named in honor of the eponymous career section.

Governor said that called coal mine for several years is a testing ground for the new world of technology.All the coal-mining machinery last generation focused on his cuts.Minsk Plant of heavy trucks produced for "Chernigovets" a series of 450-ton dump trucks.

global competitors

In the category of the largest trucks, except for "Belaz - 450 tons," including other supercars.

main competitor model 75710 - a career heavy duty Liebherr T282B, who held the championship until the appearance of "Belaz - 450 tonnes" in 2013.

for the German giant to be Japanese supergruzovik "KOMATSU 930E - 3SE", considered to be the number one in the list of vehicles for mining sections.

"Caterpillar 797V" - Mining giant American production, radically different from the fellow in the shop.Drive to the wheels is directly from the engine via a seven-speed automatic transmission.