10 secrets for those who want to grow long hair

famous stylist Michael Van Clarke (Michael Van Clarke) in a recent interview, talked about the simple rules that will help to grow long and healthy hair.

1) Avoid narrow nozzles on the dryer. If there is no need to dry thick wavy hair until completely dry state, it is better to refrain from the use of narrow nozzles on the dryer.They concentrate the heat, and this can adversely affect the hair.Also, do not bring too close to the hair dryer.

2) Always use conditioner. Shampoos push the cuticle to clean hair, and air conditioning again pressed her hair radiant and smooth.

3) Rely on a professional hair coloring.And expert should be aware of the latest advances in science to remedy applied to the hair as much as possible sparing.

4) Use the special action as a deep conditioner at least once a week. This will help restore hair to reduce their brittleness, to improve color.

5) Choose a professional combs.On denticles have cheaper options can be uneven, a negative effect on the scalp and lead to premature aging of the hair.

6) Do not remove the lumps of wet hair comb with frequent teeth. combing wet hair when they are most vulnerable, better comb.And do not be zealous.Allegations that intensive combing improves the structure and density of the hair, is fundamentally wrong.When the curls combed, they combed the remaining effects of lead abrasion hair.

7) Always protect your hair from the sun. It is best to wear a hat or scarf.Further efficiency appear special sunscreen for the hair.UV rays destroy the molecular structure of the hair which, in contrast to the skin, can not be restored within a few weeks.In order to restore the long hair after a sunburn, it may take years. 8) Regularly cut the end of the tips. Every 3-8 weeks (depending on the length and hairstyles) cut the end of the tips.Split ends look dull.A section at the end can go up the hair, if the time is not a problem of the crop.

9) Walk to a good hairdresser. haircuts, which goes, will eliminate the need to stack curls and save them from severe exposure.

10) is applied to the tips of the light wax or moisturizing cream. This will protect your hair and make them more healthy looking.Furthermore, in the early stages of this will deal with the cross section.

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