What we have is old?

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about smoking and the sun's rays have all been aware of: they age and mercilessly.But somehow, aging does not stop after we throw smoke and begin to use sunscreen products.Of course, the age-related changes are inevitable, but maybe there is something that does not allow a little bit late this process?

We have found for you a new secret information.It turns out, the usual things can age.Read what, and how to fight it.

1. Mobile phone. Japanese scientists have recently tested a group of 20-30-year-olds.It turns out that one in ten were in this age of severe memory problems.The remaining memory is not as good indicators of different, compared with a generation of young people who did not use mobile phones.The fact that the current generation is increasing dependence on such things as mobile phones or navigation devices, as well as electronic dictionaries and reference books, which are always at hand.It turns out that we absolutely do not use part of our brain responsible for memory for specific information.How is this related to aging?The fact that memory loss - one of the first signs of aging of the brain and the whole body.What is there to do?- Ask.Reply difficult.But experts advise to start at least arrange a day without your phone, it can be output.

2. Strong noise. Did you know that when you hear a loud noise, your body produces free radicals to combat noise.To combat free radicals the body needs antioxidants.The most effective way to get antioxidants - take them along with meals.Vegetables and fruits - that are the richest sources of antioxidants.Make it a rule to eat in a day at least one fruit and one vegetable, although it is better if you will consume about five fruits and vegetables a day.

3. Red meat. lovers of red meat have a little swept away the wave appetites.It turns out that those who eat red meat more than 10 servings per week, subjected to very high risk ... your vision.They have a 47% higher chance of getting senile blindness.The output is: give up your favorite foods is not necessary.Just try to at least one day a week to do a fish, and even one day a week to eat white meat.

4. Lack of physical activity. We all want to go to the fitness rooms, doing various exercises.We do it to lose weight.But even if you do not need to lose weight, you neglect exercise is not necessary.Incidentally, there are experts who argue that age exercise need only increase.For example, it is believed that the standard to 30 minutes of daily training after the age of 45 and need to add 5 minutes for each year in excess of the 45-year mark.That is, 46 need exercise lasting 35 minutes, and 47 - 40, and so on.This does not mean that all the training you need to pace yourself loads.Note, first of all, to exercise flexibility is the most important indicator of a young body.

5. Do not try to sit. Even if very tired, do not run to occupy a seat in the transport, or upset that I have to wait for a doctor standing.Too much sitting leads to an increase in blood sugar levels, as well as the deposition of fat in the abdominal cavity, which speaks very negatively on the heart.Always, every hour walk!If you want to relax, it is better to lie down than to sit.

6. fad diets ages. Women tend to live longer men as our immune system is aging more slowly, and keeps us healthy longer.But the constant diet just reduce the action of the immune system, deprived of protection.Therefore, the right thing, do not sit on a short-term diet to lose weight, but to completely overhaul your diet, and come to this, that does not increase the weight and does not lead to complete and obesity.

7. Alcohol or sobriety? in moderation such a product as the alcoholic drinks are not so bad.It has been proven that alcohol improves bone density, strengthens them.However, in fairness, it must be said that most of us do not know how to drink properly and moderately.Therefore, you can strengthen bones, are constantly consuming dairy products, they will give similar protection to your bones.

8. Cheap plastic containers. sure to use plastic utensils and plastic containers only proven brands.Do not chase cheapness.The fact that low-quality plastic containers may contaminate products synthetic estrogen, which causes the creation of harmful fat.Mandatory rule: keep the plastic containers away from sunlight!Do not reheat food in plastic containers!Consider also the possibility to replace some things in the refrigerator to glass.Eat enough of citrus, they can deal with such a component as a synthetic estrogen.

course, the struggle for the youth should not become an obsession or phobia.But as the majority of studies focus on yourself and your lifestyle can greatly improve the quality of life and prolong youth.

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