Engine KAMAZ 740: the device and repair

Trucks KamAZ began to build in 1969.For the new generation of trucks engineers have created a 4-stroke diesel engine KAMAZ-eight 740 V8.This power unit had a working volume 10852 cm3, and its power was 210 horsepower.Then the figures had to expand capacity from 180 hpto 360. These trucks manned booster clutch, 5-speed synchromesh.

device diesel generator

The design of these engines, if we compare them with others working on the diesel fuel has some advantages.The unit has a comparatively small size, and also has a lower weight in comparison with the same YaMZ 238.

torque from the engine is transmitted to the main nodes by means of spur gears.Thus, in the drive gears operate gas distribution systems, pumps and compressors, as well as power.

This engine (740 Kamaz) has a good running even at very low ambient temperatures.This was made possible thanks to the power battery, starter and heater units before starting.

Engine Specifications Model

power plants called - diesel KamAZ 740. The cylinders are arranged in a V-shape.The crankshaft rotates in the right direction.The cylinders have a size of 120 mm, a depth of - 120 mm.Engine KAMAZ 740 with a working volume of 10.85 l.It has a high compression ratio - 17. Power passport kW range from 154 to 210. The maximum torque - 650 kg / m.Minimum fuel consumption is 165 liters, the maximum - 178 l.For each cylinder there is an inlet valve and, respectively, one outlet.

Consider the engine KAMAZ 740 different device components and systems.

cylinder block

This site is not nothing but a detail of the housing unit.It is designed for mounting and fixing of the basic mechanisms and systems.The cylinder block is formed in a monolithic cast construction.The item has technological holes and channels for lubrication and cooling.

In the upper part of the block located at the socket sleeve.Also, the housing is equipped with channels and cavities for the passage of coolant.The lower part of the cylinder also serves as a sump.It also set the crankshaft.Carter has two technological holes for lubrication.Inside the assembly has walls with special ribs.In these partitions and the walls of the bore made by a special casing, which lid.These parts are the supports for the crankshaft.

unit is equipped with supports for the camshaft and lifters are placed timing.

sleeves serve as a guide for the piston.At the head of the block form a special cavity, which is the combustion chamber.The sleeves are made of special cast iron, as well as electricity are hardening.

upper part of the plane is represented by the cylinder head.Each of them with its own head.These parts are made of aluminum.Each head is inside the cooling jacket, which in turn is connected to the jacket unit.Also, each head has a lubricating hole valves for intake and exhaust, a special slot under the nozzle.

Design and operation of the lubrication system

Engine KAMAZ 740 is equipped with a lubrication system of the combined type.Depending on where and placed in what conditions the friction parts, the oil is supplied in various ways.The system can be sprayed, apply oil at low pressure, or let her gravity.

device delivers pressurized oil to detail that are subject to wear and work in a particularly loaded nodes.This assembly consists of the main instruments and devices that store the grease filter and devices for supplying and cooling oil.

oil flows from the oil receiver to the pallet passes through a special filter in the form of a grid.Then it goes to the oil pump.From the discharge section through a special channel lubricant supplied to the oil filter, and then highways.Further, the lubricating channel passes pressurized lubrication cylinder head and cylinder block, and then to the other nodes, such as a crankshaft, the gas distribution mechanism, fuel pump and compressor.

cylinders in excess grease is removed with the help of oil rings, and then goes through the piston groove on.So the support is lubricated piston pin at the top of the head.

From the main highway oil is supplied to the thermo sensor.If you open the tap, which includes fluid coupling, then processed and clutch.If it is in the closed position, the centrifugal cleaning of the filters is fed into the liquid sump.

If lubrication is insufficient, the power falls, as well as parts suffer increased wear, the motor overheats, melts bearings and pistons may jam.

power supply system of the engine KAMAZ 740

This does not end our review.We have considered himself the engine KAMAZ 740 device and lubrication system.Now acquainted with the power circuit.

supply nodes designed to store fuel, purified, and then spraying it into the combustion chamber in accordance with the mode of operation of the power unit.

Engine KAMAZ 740 is equipped with a power supply unit of the separation-type.There are divided injection pump and injectors.The system consists of tanks for storage of diesel fuel, fuel filters, low-pressure pump, fuel pump and fuel lines.

How does it work?

from the fuel tank by a pump for pumping fuel to pass filters.Then the network toplivoprodov low-pressure diesel fuel is supplied to the pump.After pumping diesel fuel pump at high pressure portions, based on the operating modes of the motor, through the nozzles and into the cylinders of the combustion chamber.The nozzles, in turn, the mixture is sprayed.Excess solar oil falls back into the tank through the relief valve.

Engine cooling KamAZ 740

Cooling is represented as a closed system with liquid cooling and forced circulation.

In principle, the scheme of the system is no different from the usual for all brands of cars.If there is a diagram of the engine KAMAZ 740 and there you can see more detail.

coolant circulates under the influence of a centrifugal pump.First antifreeze enters the cavity of the left cylinder row, then through the pipe - the right chamber.The mixture is then washed by cylinder liners, and then through the holes - the cavity of the cylinder head.Further

hot coolant flows into the thermostat, and then either the radiator or the water pump.The temperature regimes are regulated by a thermostat and fluid couplings.

main engine trouble

Among the owners of the major faults of the car engines KamAZ 740 is considered to be a sharp decline, and power surges, increased consumption of lubricants and fuels.Also popular is the problem of high exhaust smoke.It is not uncommon, and the pressure drop in the lubrication system.

unit can be unstable idling, sometimes observed various other sounds in different nodes.Basically, the problem is with the crankshaft.Possible leakage of the coolant.

If the unit is used at full capacity, and most - if not had proper maintenance of the engine KAMAZ 740 repair is inevitable.But after overhaul the machine can work again in full force, and perhaps even better.


Today, this unit can still be purchased.On engine KAMAZ 740 price will be, depending on the configuration and capacity, from 550 000 rubles for a model with a capacity of 240 liters.from.up to 600 000 rubles for a model with a capacity of 320 liters.from.Of course, you can buy and is much cheaper.The market engines with mileage to date offers a lot of options at lower prices.

So, we found all the features of "KAMAZ" engine.