PHABLET: what is it?

Today there are millions of devices from different manufacturers of various shapes and models.Many of them have become so universal that assign them to any single category is quite difficult: a single concept of "mobile phone", "computer" or "clock" does not exist.There are smartphones, tablets, stationary PCs, smart watches and many other categories, which include one or the other device.

Today's topic of this article - PHABLET.What is it, why this word has become so popular in recent years, and much more about these devices, we will tell hereafter.

general concept

term "PHABLET" there was, of course, from the English by the merger of two other words - phone ("Phone") and tablet ("tablet").It turns out that this term refers to a cross between conventional smartphones and tablet computers to complete the work.

Just devices on the market situation is such that the hardware and technical support of mobile phones and computers are now little different.The main difference is in the size of the display case and battery: tablets - it's just a "scaled" phones.Just when initially smartphones with touch screens were produced with a display size of 3-5 inches, and tablet computers - 10-12 inches, with the time span of 6-9 inches filled the same PHABLET.What is it, now you probably realize.


The "planshetofonov" (as they are called) have some advantages, due to which they liked and users.For example, it is a functional.As already noted, PHABLET (what it is, you know) has the same features as a tablet.At the same time thanks to its compact size it is, it can be carried in any situation.On the other hand, there is another plus.He, too, regards the size of the device.Phablet - this is not a smartphone.PHABLET - is a large display, which is convenient reading, typing, and watch movies.

Plus, again, it is possible to make phone calls and write SMS in the presence of a SIM card.Therefore, the device is more versatile than the phone or tablet.


PHABLET the negative aspects is the fact that the concerns of its merits.For example, he no phone, so it can not be put in your pocket, when you go for a walk - it will have to take the bag.Again, it will be more convenient to type with a 12-inch tablet with a huge keyboard than with a screen size of 7 inches.PHABLET good and bad, depending on the preferences of the user, from his goals.And, choosing a device, you need to look at what it is you.The need for the gadget is determined by your lifestyle, for example.


Since our paper is devoted to a medium-size devices - PHABLET having 6-9 inch screen, will try to give examples of the most successful models, which should be addressed.And let us start with one of the top manufacturers of electronic devices - the Korean company Samsung.

in line with the manufacturer a few models that can be attributed to this class of devices.In particular, the Samsung Galaxy Note (that has several generations of models, because there Note 2, 3, 4).It PHABLET in its classic form, as they have signs of the tablet, but are able to make and have a relatively small size of the screen.In contrast, another model - Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - it's just a giant, but also the device that can be attributed to this class.The diagonal of its screen - 8.4 inches.

As the popularity of models Note, PHABLET enough demand.This is also confirmed sales of devices from other manufacturers that belong to the same class.Anyway, the gadgets with a screen size is 6-9 inches, the market is growing.Even this can be called a clear indicator of their popularity and demand.

Lenovo, Asus and other

For example, we all know that the Chinese concern "Lenovo" is positioned primarily as a player in the class of the budget due to the large number of such models.Although, of course, their number is and expensive flagships.

If we talk about PHABLET Lenovo, the first comes to mind is the model K3 Note.It is multifunctional, has a screen diagonal of 7.6 inches and at the same costs only $ 145.If you do not want to pay for the popular brand Samsung - please, can take the Lenovo.

Another example - are the products Asus.It has many of its products PHABLET that have a diagonal of 7.8 inches.Moreover, the buyer also has a choice - to buy a more affordable, yet simple in functionality PhonePad or to pay a little more for a 7-inch tablet with one of the most powerful hardware on the market of budget devices Nexus 9.

addition to Asus and Lenovo, the market canfind models of other companies.For example, HTC, LG, Huawei and Meizu also offer a good range of such devices.

Nokia and PHABLET on Windows Phone

But do not think that PHABLET - it is only Android-based device.The company Nokia also has its own interesting "planshetofony."For example, affordable Lumia 1320 or 1520. These are somewhat obsolete due to what their price is much lower, and generally corresponds to the functional value.

Now the developer focuses on smartphones with smaller display - mostly diagonal of up to 5 inches.Nokia has PHABLET probably considered a failure, why is decided to abandon the models in this segment.

Apple market PHABLET

You may ask, how did the world leader, the giant manufacturer of "Apple" products Apple?Is there anything from them?

course!The new iPhone model 6 Plus is 5.5 inches diagonal - this is a typical PHABLET.The device appears to be quite large as compared with the conventional version 6, but is enhanced due to a larger display.It should be noted that this product is something innovative for the company, because Apple has not previously competed on the market with the Samsung devices with a screen of 4.5 inches.Now, obviously, the American company is trying soil where Korean leader has not the first year.

Should I buy?

We briefly describe this type of devices as PHABLET.What is it, you know, a gadget is just something in between the tablet and smartphone.The functional unit in this case is the same as its "colleagues" with other display sizes.This is one of the market today operating system, CPU, battery, camera, some graphics engine.Let's just say the increased smartphone or tablet is reduced.

And in fact answer the question: "Should I buy PHABLET?" - Just because you can not, it all depends on your goals and tasks facing the device.If you want to type text in large volumes, to work with such devices is less comfortable than the tablet.But you can watch movies on a smaller screen.The same applies to work with e-mail, social networks, instant messengers - all this is very easily accomplished on such devices as PHABLET.

And, of course, to take a final decision on the fact whether you need a gadget or not, you will.And only you can tell how a particular device will be useful for entertainment, work and training specifically to you.

So good luck in choosing and we hope that you will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate gadget.