Social production

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social production - is the process of creating any material values ‚Äč‚Äčnecessary for the existence and proper functioning of society.Production is called public because there is division of labor between the different members of society.Everyone knows that any production is organized to meet the specific needs of people.The degree of socialization of production elements that indicate that they belong to individuals or society, is considered to be the criterion of socio-economic structure of the society.

Basics of social production in the global political economy were laid centuries ago.Any human activity, aimed at making some natural resources into commodities, can be considered social production.Its main phases are:

- production;

- distribution;

- sharing;

- consumption.

In the industrial activity produced tangible and intangible benefits.In the process of distribution of the finished product (articles of consumption and means of production) is their redistribution among the various actors of production.Exchange is considered the process of sales and purchase of various goods for other goods or their cash equivalent.Consumption or use of goods is a personal or production.

Social production is characterized by the following factors, which are its fundamental principle:

- labor or conscious activity that aims to meet the social and personal needs of the person in a variety of spiritual and material goods;

- the means of production, which includes objects of labor (materials, raw materials) and work equipment (vehicles, equipment, buildings).

Social production and its structure were the subject of study of the most well-known economists and philosophers.The result of this study it was concluded that it has a cellular structure.Almost anywhere in the human resources, the resource base and customers are spread across its territory, so to meet the needs of the person in certain commodities must be the division of labor, in which social production is dispersed among different specialized enterprises.

Due to the cellular structure of the production in its functioning distinguish two levels:

- as an aspect of the production of technical and process work, carried out directly in the production of primary cells;

- production as a socio-economic and production and business process across the country or nation.

On the ground (micro level), people are direct employees of certain labor and industrial relations.At the second level of functioning of social production, called "macro level", between economic entities of the current economic and production and economic relations.

Social production has the following structure:

- material production - it formed a variety of sectors of construction, industry and agriculture, which are based on the creation of wealth from natural resources.It also includes servicing the needs of people sector: trade, transportation, utilities, consumer services;

- non-material production - its form, such systems: health, education, science, art and culture, which are intangible and services are different spiritual values.

initial basis for the life of any society is the social production.Thus, a person before creating a work of art, to engage in science, politics, or public health, should meet their most minimal requirements: to have shelter, clothing, food.It is a source of well-being of society.