Socio-economic development of regions of Russia

in modern economy of Russia conducted a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of the business entities allows us to formulate a conclusion about a certain stabilization of the social and economic situation in the country.Today is scheduled sustainable and stable growth of the relevant domestic public figures, completed overcoming social instability in general.Also it is implemented national priorities in agriculture, education, housing and healthcare.With good governance managed to halt the production of a significant decline.

When all these positive factors can still be noted that the socio-economic development of certain regions of Russia still continues to lag behind in comparison with the more advanced his "brothers."The objective explanation for this condition is the geographical position of the regions, their economic and historical features.It is "pulling" depressed and underdeveloped regions to the national average, and should be directed public policy areas, which should take into account the territorial features of the individual and the capacity of local entities.

Socio-economic development - it is one of the main objectives of the policy of the Russian regions, in the course of which the experts can learn accurate and complete information in the context of individual regions and on the state as a whole.Through the effective implementation of these activities, the Government will be able to quickly respond to the identified discrepancies.

In analyzing the variety of approaches that allow us to estimate the socio-economic development of the territorial unit, one can understand the lack of a uniform methodology for today, which can be recognized as universal.This is due primarily to the large number of parameters that impede appropriate analysis.In addition, some studies can not be attributed to the complex, and therefore they do not reflect the present economic condition.

Socio-economic development of territorial units should be analyzed, starting with the identification of the factors that have the greatest impact on the specified index.Experts say the industry knowledge that such factors include financial, industrial, demographic, innovation and human potential.

On the basis of these potentials it is possible to formulate the main indicators of socio-economic development.

So, the financial potential is estimated by calculating the indicators such as the budget deficit or surplus, the amount of budgetary funds for each inhabitant, deposits or deposits of both legal entities and individuals, investment per capita in fixed assets.

Innovation potential is characterized by domestic spending on research, the number of small businesses per thousand population, share of farming in grain production, the degree of activity of innovative orientation of the business sector, etc.

Other potential as there are specific only to them indicators.

Socio-economic development has its own orientation, which is determined by the specific purpose.For a positive direction can be said about the progress, otherwise - degradation or regression.

Socio-economic development may include the following:

- production growth and increased revenue;

- changes in various sectors of society;

- changes in habits, traditions and social consciousness.

Owing to these aspects of development of the region should be seen as a collection of a variety of economic and social goals.