What is imagination?

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Let's talk about what is fantasy.Many sincerely believe that they correctly understand the meaning of the word.But it is necessary to dig deeper, and it turns out that the majority come nowhere near the truth.

order to fix it, let's understand completely in what is fantasy.What are they for?And how to cope with them?

What is fantasy?

Let's not beat around the bush and immediately sort out the interpretation that gives us a dictionary.According to him, the imagination - is a mental process by which a person is able to present in his mind the various places and things that do not exist in reality.

Fantasies can be created both consciously and unconsciously.And if in the first case, the man is the master of his imagination, in the second it can be completely absorbed by them.For example, some mental disorders are associated with the fact that a person is completely switched from the real world into illusory.

imagination and fantasy: what is the difference?

Well, to begin with, what is imagination.According to the psychological vocabulary, intelligence is the ability to simulate certain situations.For example, schedule the daily routine, to build a logical and illogical chain to restore paintings of past years and so on.Simply put, the imagination is considered to be all the mental processes that are displayed in the form of images.

Then what is fantasy?These are the same images, but absolutely not related to personal experience.After all, if the imagination - a manipulation of any information, the fantasy - it is something unreal.

Here's a simple example: the memory of a cat sitting on a tree - it is imagination, while the image of a pink cat, free-floating in the sky - it's a fantasy.Based on this, we can confidently say that the imagination - it's part of the human imagination.But they are subject to certain laws, which is why they are being singled out for special treatment.

Why fantasy?

Much more important is what a man needs imagination.What is the human subconscious mind creates images that simply do not exist in reality?

To understand this, let us turn our eyes to such a category of people, like artists.Undoubtedly, many of them are realistic and portrayed in his paintings conventional landscapes, portraits and still lifes.But there are also those whose paintings - a solid mystery, because they depict characters and figures, previously unknown man.And such work greatly fascinate the audience, because they are able to open the door for people in an unknown space.

In addition, not only is important for artists imagination.The same writers, designers and musicians are not able to do without it.So it's a property of the brain crucial for creative professionals.But now the question arises: how to dream?More precisely, how to make your brain regularly come up with new images?

How to develop the ability to dream?

develop creative abilities best in childhood, as in this period the most malleable mind for learning.But even in middle age can improve their skills of imagination, for that you should use the following methods.

  1. Several times a day, should be the mental exercises.Thus it is necessary to represent the objects and places that do not exist in reality.
  2. ideal way to develop imagination is drawing.As in the previous version, you must first focus on the fictional images.For example, you can draw non-existent animals, crossing each other very real species.
  3. Another good way is to replace the property.For example, taking as a basis for the TV remote and come up with him a number of fantastic features: time management, shifting emotions, teleportation, and so on.

Using these techniques, you can pretty quickly improve their skills of imagination.And if your work is connected with the work, then this practice sooner or later, will help to achieve general acceptance.