Do you know how to grow cucumbers in the open field?

cucumbers - one of the most popular vegetable crops.Do you know how to grow cucumbers in the open field?How to sow seeds, how to care for seedlings, how to grow your favorite vegetables in the garden?Let's understand in detail throughout.

Sowing seeds

the end of May begins favorable time for sowing the seeds of cucumbers, which continues until 5 June.Before sowing seeds are heated for 2 hours at 60 °, then placed in a special solution (water - 1 liter, triple superphosphate - 5 g, potassium nitrate - 10 g manganese sulfate - 0.2 g) for 12 hours.

swollen seeds can be sown with dry, this ensures a high yield.The seeds are placed in furrows three centimeters apart recesses make themselves at a distance of fifty centimeters.

Many ask: "How to grow cucumbers in the open ground, when the soil is dry?" You need to know that the furrows in the soil before planting a seed necessarily watered and sprinkle peat, loose soil or a mixture of humus and sawdust.

seeds planted, now we need to watch out for shoots.If near the site are birds' nests, by the ridges hang strips of film or paper rustling, throw firewood, put rotating wind rattles, stuffed.

Care seedlings

How to grow cucumbers in the open ground, if the plant becomes limp and the leaves - lifeless?We need to shed vegetable crops with warm water (25 degrees) at the rate of 2 liters per square meter area.

plants also need to thin out and remove the weakest.In general, thinning is recommended per season 2-3 times, combining it with the loosening and weeding.When the stems grow, loosening stop.Cucumber begins to bloom a month after sowing.The appearance of the first fruits is associated with pollination: the first flowers sometimes crumble due to inactivity bees.

the secrets of how to grow cucumbers in the open ground

make beds on the south side, it should be protected from the winds.As the scenes planted sunflowers, beans, potatoes, corn, they grow up fast and create a favorable microclimate.You also need to pay attention to the looseness of the soil.

Seeds can be sown in pots followed by sowing into the ground, and once on a bed.But watering just sow the seeds are not recommended: water displaced by air, and it leads to delay germination.

When we grow cucumbers in the open ground, then naturally want to get as much fruit.This can be achieved if you make a "warm" seedbed of various debris: grass clippings, chopped straw, dead leaves, sawdust and other.Her throw hot water ram, and then disinfected with boiling water (10 liters) with copper sulfate (1 tbsp. L.).Further, the bed of soil poured a mixture of peat, compost manure, sawdust, turf, making fertilizer and throw again with water and copper sulfate.Then the soil is covered with a new film.

So, we have considered how to grow cucumbers in the ground.I would like to also note that if you sow the seeds of several varieties, the yields will be higher.Feed and water the vegetables should be in the morning around 10 hours.In cucumber whip should be formed up to 1 m, and then pinch the tip, and pinch back the lateral shoots 50 cm. Well, that's it - you high crop!