What to eat to lose weight exactly?

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What to eat to lose weight?Eternal women's issue.Girlfriends vying to give their advice.I advise you to drink a yogurt with cucumbers, dill flavoring it all, the offer to leave in the diet only protein foods, it is recommended to forget about all the products except cheese and boiled chicken.You doubt ...

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course, following such a diet can easily lose weight.Although the expression "easy" is totally inappropriate.One of my friends after the birth restored figure by eating only boiled chicken breast and low-fat cottage cheese.The result was stunning!She lost weight for 3 months at 15 kilograms and get rid of her beloved husband.He just could not stand her depression and left.Forever ... So my girlfriend through diet and lost weight, and her husband.In addition, the diet was given to her with great difficulty.She had to gather all his willpower to lose weight.

I do not think anyone could every day to eat the same foods and thus feel happy and contented life.So is there no way out?Of course have.

How it is?

What is there to lose weight - it's not the first question that must appear together with the desire to lose weight.As there - that's the main issue.Firstly, it is necessary to reduce the dose.How much food can be consumed in one sitting?The one-ounce together in a glass.Not more.

When you feel hungry, drink a glass of plain water.Perhaps for a while hunger recede.But if not retreat, during the meal, you will eat less food.

you want meat?

Eat a piece of boiled beef or chicken breast without the skin.Very useful for people losing weight is a product of beef liver.The structure of the liver with vitamins B5, B6, and chromium, necessary for the normalization of metabolism in the body.

What we have with iodine?

To the thyroid gland does its function, it is necessary to supply the body enough iodine.But it is worth to be examined to clarify whether your body needs iodine.If necessary, the seaweed will be your lifesaver in the fight against obesity.

burn fat!

fat burning properties endowed with grapefruit.But in order to become useful grapefruit losing weight, you must eat it with bitter membranes inside the fruit.Naringin, which is contained in this membrane, stimulates the bowels and metabolism.Thus, eating grapefruit every day, you can get rid of the excess weight.Those wishing to lose weight after eating enough to eat 2-3 slices of grapefruit.Bitterly, I admit, but I accept as a medicine.

course, some grapefruit is not enough.Note the products of the so-called "negative-calorie".Is there such products that have real negative calorie?Of course not.Every product has a caloric content.But there are products in the use of which the body burns more calories than it consumes.It is about them and are referred to as negative calorie foods.

Foods with negative calorie

and we talk about negative calorie foods that you need to eat to lose weight.Superiority in the list shall give celery.It can be used both in raw form and after thermal treatment.Cook the soup or salad of celery, and you'll be surprised that, it turns out, you can lose weight with style!More recently, celery came in first place, before that in our country the championship belonged sauerkraut and cucumbers.

if a strict diet is not given ...

If you do not want to sit on a strict diet, it is enough to make your diet by adding the following products: apples, eggplant, broccoli, ginger, radish, beets, peaches, plums, asparagus, cauliflowercabbage, garlic, spinach, lemon, pepper, blackberries, currants, onions, pineapples, oranges, watermelons, lean meats, low-fat varieties of fish, boiled chicken breast, seafood.Eat meals of these products, and be sure to lose weight.

And remember, fried foods is better to replace dishes, steamed.Tasty, fast, useful, and the result is obvious!

Alice Hryshko

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