What is contextual advertising

Recently, a huge number of ways to advertise something.It is not surprising, as technology develops, options to convey the necessary information to the people is becoming easier.What is contextual advertising?This is one of the most modern ways of advertising, allowing you to quickly attract the target audience.What exactly is it used?In order to lure people to the site, ready to buy a product, use some kind of service to become business partners and so on.Internet - part of life, it can be used to promote anything.The possibilities it opens unfettered, is where to turn.

What is contextual advertising and why it is needed

It should be noted that today many people do not go to the shops in search of a wanted product and buy everything you need, through a worldwide network.What is contextual advertising?This is what allows people to find websites that sell exactly the products they need.The gist of it is to show users ads on all possible search portals.People see this kind of "signs" when searching for the right information by entering keywords in the search engine.Slightly less it can be seen on the pages of the sites themselves.PPC advertising is different.A striking example of one of them - Yandex.Direkt.

Today, an important issue is how to submit information not simply users, namely those who benefit from it, and become customers advertiser.The effectiveness depends very much, because people are not interested do not pay any attention to the ads.This means that the money and effort spent on its ascent, will be involved in vain.

Advertising on the network based on its own principles.The first relates to what has been described above: the main objective - these are people who are interested in these products or services.Golf accommodation - leading search portals.They are all around to find a wealth of information.

second principle, which is based on the modern contextual advertising, due to the fact that the customer who ordered it, does not pay for itself its placement, and the transition to his site (payment for accommodation provided in the case of banners).The cost per click for each case individually.Curious fact that search engines often hold auctions, the essence of which is that in the best places to advertise the client who offered a large sum.

What is contextual advertising?First of all - it's a great tool for marketing the product and the search of interested clients to the services provided.Is it popular?Yes, popular.It is difficult to prove, as the main pages of the search engines any of us can easily find information on the leading companies providing any services and products.Want to check?Just type in a search engine query key and click on "Search."Immediately along with links to appropriate pages on request of sites appear on the screen blocks with contextual advertising.Most often, they are located in the lower right corner.

At the end of the article I want to talk once again about the cost.Of course, in every case, it is individual: there are certain minimum barrier for the transition, but the upper threshold, in principle, does not exist.Terms of advertising in each search engine are different.Also, it depends on the professionalism of the people who will run ads.Amateurs will do everything so that the client simply lose time.To place contextual advertising need to skillfully - the only way of it, you can get the maximum benefit.Order must be done deliberately.