Anabolic steroids for muscle growth in the pharmacy : types permitted for sale.Steroids for a set of muscle mass .The consequences of receiving

Recently, the media promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to do, to look like a model with magazine covers.Here, before the man raises the question of how to get the same relief and beautiful body.There are two ways: slow (training from several months to several years) and fast (a few weeks).If you chose the second way, without the help of pharmacology can not do.In this article, we will tell you what sells anabolic steroids for muscle growth in the pharmacy.But before that, let us define this term.

What are anabolic steroids (steroids)?

For relief, beautiful and inflated muscles people use different drugs.They are called anabolic.Basically, they use doctors in the case of serious diseases that require rapid regeneration of human tissue.Acceptance of anabolic steroids is under strict medical supervision with regular health examination of internal organs and the blood.But even with thorough compliance with all the recommendations there is a risk of irreversible effects in the body and appearance, depending on the hormone.

consequences of anabolic

Now imagine what will happen to the person using steroids without complying with the necessary control and timing and dosage.The most harmless consequence of this "therapy" - it is male infertility and impotence.But in most cases this was not the end.Anabolic steroids are not only accelerate muscle growth, but also to make all the organs and systems of the body to work at an accelerated pace.Because of this very quickly wear out the cell structure.One simply aging eyes.And it happens in the moment when he stops the course of anabolic steroids.The body, which had lost the habit of self-hormone, begins to suffer from the absence or lack of them.In this case, in order to prolong human life, we need hormone replacement therapy on a regular basis.

If after reading you still remains the intention to use drugs, then we will tell you which sell anabolic steroids for muscle growth in the pharmacy.Here's the list.

Methionine is an essential amino acid.It affects the metabolism, so it is very important for muscle growth.Methionine activates enzymes, vitamins and hormones.Often used to treat liver diseases.Also useful in alcoholism, poisoning and uncontrolled admission of other anabolic steroids.It helps to restore the health of the liver bodybuilders who took "heavy" steroids for gaining lean muscle.


This protein solution is sold in a glass jar.It includes a number of essential amino acids introduced into the body through a dropper.In those days, when the anabolic steroids for muscle growth in the pharmacy is not sold as freely as it is now, many experienced athletes set themselves such a solution on their own.And the effect was stunning, because the amino acids enter immediately into the blood.

Currently these proteins are quite a few solutions, but "Alvezin" is the most popular.In medicine, it is used in severe burns, congestive heart failure, and so dystrophy. D. The only disadvantage - the route of administration.Not everyone wants to always carry a catheter.

potassium orotate

It can be called "the grandfather of Pharmacology", as it is actively used by athletes in the days of the USSR, when anabolic steroids for muscle growth in the pharmacy have not been sold.This drug significantly accelerates the synthesis of protein molecules.It is indispensable in the presence of the athlete heart problems (arrhythmias, heart attacks, heart failure).It has no effect in terms of muscle growth if you take it solo.


This preparation includes potassium orotate, inosine and the collection of useful plants.It belongs to a class of adaptogens that facilitate the adaptation of the body to severe stress.In the old days, "Safinor" is often prescribed to athletes who train in the mountains, where, because of thin air were quite difficult conditions.For bodybuilders this is not an important criterion.On the other hand, the preparation work of the central nervous system tonic and optimizes cardiac function.But this is important, especially for the security forces.


At the time, the drug made a lot of noise.The media reported that he has the same effect as anabolic steroids, the price of which starts today from 300 rubles.But unlike steroids "ekdistena" does not produce side effects.How this affects the muscles of the root?In cell membranes, he establishes a relationship with the receptors, and then transported to the nucleus, starting from a DNA copy of information needed for protein synthesis.This mechanism is identical to the one that started when taking steroids.

But with all this preparation is not due to lack anabolic Side Effects load on the liver spots, flavoring etc. D. On the contrary, unlike the steroids, it improves the functioning of the liver and endocrine glands.It would seem - it is a miracle, not a drug!But why do so few people use it?

thing is that he is weak.Compare it with the steroids anyway, comparing Formula 1 car with the "Zaporozhets" or even a scooter.People taking anabolic steroids, will not be able to perceive "ekdistena" seriously.But for beginners, it is the best option.


It is a collection of medicinal herbs, which are produced in India.In fact, it is hepatoprotector, restores and protects the liver.Recently, however, doctors have used it as a cholagogue which improves the production of bile and its outflow.

"Liv-52" will be useful not only to the people, the liver-loaded reception pharmacology, but to all those who suffer from alcoholism.The drug significantly reduces both the concentration of ethanol in the blood and because of the "hangover".

Glutamic acid

If we consider all the existing steroids for gaining lean muscle, the glutamic acid is considered to be the most popular.In the body, it participates in the process of nitrogen metabolism, disinfects the ammonia, a positive effect on the central nervous system and stimulates the oxidation processes in the brain.In simple words, this acid is the fuel for our brain.It is at times improves intelligence, with even the mentally ill people.Some students use it during exams.

Quite often the dosage of the drug are not respected, and people eat handfuls of medication.Although a day is enough to take only 4 tablets.Bodibilderam glutamic acid is useful by the fact that it is involved in the synthesis of amino acids outside.When they are synthesized in the blood, glutamine performs 50% of the work.This significantly speeds up the recovery of the body.

Doctors prescribe glutamic acid during the height of infectious diseases.For glutamine significantly strengthens the immune system.Those who use the drug on a regular basis, almost ill.