How does the brain of a man

male brain is made up of the following units:

1. Sensor "I'm hungry. And to drink? Of course !!!".Always works.

2. Sensor "I want sex."By age burns.It has three positions: - "want" - "I want to bear" - "here and now".

3. audiovozbuzhdeny Center.Input: - magical music uncompressed, 16-bit or higher, 44kHz, stereo and cooler, and so on.- The sound of falling into a glass of alcohol.

4. Center the perception of beers.

5. block strategic decisions.The decision by default - "And would not go all in the ass ... Two more beers!"

6. Autopilot "Home".

7. Generator answers to the question "where are you wandered brute."Over time, a primitive device is transformed into a highly intelligent device with sophisticated logic.

8. Answering Machine "Honey, will discuss this later."

9. High-muffler conscience.

10. EDM "female."Real-time counts tactical and technical parameters based on visual recognition.Especially advanced - lead to the conclusion of "give / do not give."In the standard - Detection of breast size, elastic ass and so on.In aesthetes - spec.lotion for determining intelligence "idiot / fool almost."

11. The generator will power to exercise.Often broken.

12. Level sensor alcohol.Many offline.

13. geonavigation system "Hychka": the area on the map marked by crosses places zanachennyh banknotes.In summing up the mouse illuminates tip amount burial.

14. registers store the results of sports matches.

15. Stopkran locks "strange woman."In a particularly nefarious types Vandal pokorezhen screwdriver.

16. Small, boring, shabby clone media.Has a nasty voice, does not sleep at night and wears the jersey "conscience."Heytralizuetsya paragraph 9.

17. Simulator intense activity.At full power cut one in working hours.

18. The unit circuit breakers "I want money, I want a new car, new cd player", etc.

19. Simulator "Handyman".Good works in tandem with rukozatochnoy machine

20. Black Box "Soul."Many - only access to a limited circle of friends, and one or two mistresses.By age nobody wants and scored archived memories.

21. Heonovaya sign with the word "intelligence".Sometimes the lights.

22. Analyzer landscape.With a hangover on Mondays and gives preotvratneyshuyu picture.Registers flying green dogs.He writes in the sky indecent inscriptions.

23. Timer.Programming example: "Friday. Around 17.30. Network."

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