Protein: the composition of the price.

Everybody knows that squirrels - a basic building material, which is involved in the construction of the cells of the human body.A protein, in turn, are the most proteins that promote muscle growth.Therefore, athletes - the main consumers of using a sports protein, produced in the form of a dry powder.

name "protein" comes from the Greek protos, translated as "the first, the most important."

proteins are not only important for muscle growth, as the main source of energy and strength.They also promote muscle recovery after exercise.

What is a protein

What is Protein?The composition of the simple substance.This protein concentrate, is almost 100% of the dry mixture.

obtained proteins for the production of proteins from normal ordinary products:

  • whey provides whey protein (isolate, concentrate);
  • milk - casein;
  • egg producing egg protein;
  • soy - soy;
  • rice;
  • multicomponent (mix of several kinds).

powder production process is that of the feedstock are pressed fat, water, carbohydrates and other unnecessary components, whereby is obtained a protein powder and concentrate.By type of protein raw material is subdivided into flora and fauna.For the use of protein powder is a protein shake.

Who needs a concentrated protein

Since the protein - a composition comprising only a concentrated protein, it follows that any other qualities he does not possess.That is, it's like a boiled egg protein.This raises the question of whether the athlete is a lot of muscle mass dial, if will consume large amount of cooked egg white.

answer is obvious: of course not.From the simple use of muscle proteins as food by themselves do not grow.Much depends on the conditions of training to build muscle mass and the experience of the athlete.

all the nutrients needed by the body, found in a normal diet in sufficient quantities.Therefore, beginners welcome protein is absolutely not necessary as long as he does not go to work with weights increased, more than a hundred pounds.Then his body and will need to accept larger quantities of protein.This will happen not earlier than in a year of systematic training.

But those bodybuilders who are engaged constantly and for a long time, because of the hard work the muscles receiving this supplement is needed.It can combine with the reception of anabolic drugs, that there are no shortages of amino acids in the body.

Forms and method of making proteins

starts receiving concentrated protein athletes are wondering: "How to choose the best set for the protein in muscle mass among the diversity of its species?"

suppliers nutritious protein from natural foods are undoubtedly beef, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products.But eat the amount of food that you need to produce the protein in the body is actively engaged sportsman, is simply impossible.And here to the aid of protein shakes that are divorced from protein powder.

choice of a particular species it depends on the conditions and objectives of the training of an athlete.

Proteins are divided into the following types:

  1. Milk.It is derived by the removal of fat and lactose in the milk by filtering.In this process, there are two components: casein and whey.
  2. Whey protein.The composition of the powder obtained serum filtering process.This type of additive is soluble in water, instantly digested quickly delivering essential amino acids to the muscles.Powder containing 70% protein, called concentrate, about 90% - isolate more than 90% - the hydrolyzate, which is produced by hydrolysis of preceding species.The higher the concentration, the higher the digestibility and rate of digestion of the powder.
  3. casein.It represents micromicelles (spherical particles) is not soluble in water, very slowly absorbed by the body.Hence slower and output therefrom, thereby performing the protection function of muscle catabolism.Produced by fine filtration and accession to the sodium, calcium and potassium.Depending on the composition, divided into a micellar protein hydrolyzate, sodium, potassium or calcium caseinate.
  4. Egg Protein.Its composition is identical to egg protein that contains forty different minerals, and lots of amino acids and promotes muscle growth.Whey is digested slowly, but faster than casein powder.
  5. Soy, which is considered perfect because of the content of essential amino acids.It is also rich in arginine and glutamine quickly digested.
  6. Rice.The powder is manufactured by milling the brown rice, more separated fiber and carbohydrates, the composition is filtered.The resulting powder contains almost 90% protein, is rapidly absorbed.

How to take supplements

Reception protein depends on the methods of training, therefore, has its own characteristics:

  1. milk powder recommend eating mostly at night and in between meals.This is due to the fact that casein is digested slowly, causing the muscles are fueled by amino acids sequentially.
  2. Due to the emergency processing of whey protein is good to use before and after school for the rapid supply of microelements muscles.
  3. Casein protein is combined with serum, taken after exercise.This is achieved by muscle growth.And prevents them from receiving the disintegration of the powder before going to bed.
  4. For those who suffer from lactose intolerance or allergy to milk protein, egg powder is good.Also suitable for those who simply did not like the taste of eggs.
  5. Soybeans for those athletes who want to build muscle, but does not want to take animal proteins.It is recommended to take a soy protein after a workout, and before it, by combining the use of a whey and casein.
  6. before and immediately after the power training is recommended to use rice protein.It is great for vegetarians, good mixed with whey powder.

Mixes proteins

For the most useful and effective properties of powders is recommended to produce a mix of different types of proteins.The optimal composition of such cocktails combines both construction and restorative effect on muscle tissue.

most common blends are:

  • concentrate Whey Isolate Plus is suitable for the reception before and after school.
  • Whey Isolate Plus hydrolyzate, quickly digested, the price is slightly higher than the rest.Accepted as the previous one.
  • mixture of whey and milk protein.Cheap protein having beneficial properties of both whey and casein.
  • Mix casein and whey.This composition achieved the greatest efficiency is taken at any time.
  • containing powder consisting of casein, whey, and soy.It is worth more than the rest of the compositions, which is justified by its properties.It is recommended to receive it, regardless of training.
  • Mix eggs, casein and whey.Good athletes do not drink regularly to eat eggs, it combines many useful properties.
  • Mix - vegetable protein.The composition of such can be consumed athletes who are allergic to eggs and milk: it may contain proteins, rice, soy and even hemp.It leads to normal nitric oxide production and normalize blood flow to the muscle tissue.

Which protein choose

sports nutrition industry has dozens of manufacturers.The big difference between the effect on the muscles of drugs manufactured there, in spite of the variety of colorful boxes, cost, advertising and persuasion consultants.They differ only in the taste, the percentage of protein per unit of powder and additives vitamins.The latter, incidentally, is not justified, as we have already proved that the best effect is given vitamins, if taken separately.

popularity among athletes are proteins such foreign manufacturers as Weider, Mongolia, Optimum Nutrition, Syntrax, ALLMAX Nutrition, CytoSport, Dymatize Nutrition, BSN.But the more usual of all - protein Gold standard (Optimum Nutrition), belongs to a new generation of manufactured proteins.It contains an optimal concentration of active substances is well balanced, made of whey.

Do not forget that the main task of the protein is a shortfall of proteins in the increasing pressure, if not enough of them comes from natural food.Many athletes try to consume only organic foods, as they contain substances and trace elements familiar to the body.

is possible to use as an additive and egg powder, which is used in the confectionery industry, it is also a good protein concentrate.

popular Russian brand of protein represented by Ironman, Manufacturer - LLC "ART Modern scientific technology."And although it is the only company that uses high-level technology for manufacturing, leadership itself admits that still lags behind European and American manufacturers.

Products dozen remaining domestic manufacturers, such as "Fortogen", "Aktiformula", "Junior", "Atlas", "Hercules", coined by much less.

also include weightlifting athletes are those who prefer to use as an additional protein infant formula - this infant formulas intended for feeding infants up to five months of age, with the addition of cocoa for flavor.This includes the most good carbohydrates, proteins, and effective quality vitamins, as it is almost identical to the mother's milk.This mixture represents the quality and cheap protein.

Popularity manufactured concentrated proteins is that the powder to achieve the desired result will need to eat much less than conventional products needed for this purpose.But nothing can replace good nutrition, supplements should therefore be only a half ration.

protein for the muscles.Benefits and harms

main functions of protein for muscle development are the (growth) and restoration (preservation) of muscle tissue.In addition, the protein synthesis directly supports the structure of the cell itself.And the most important - is the body's supply of energy necessary to the athlete, and amino acids.Consequently, for these functions, he should be well absorbed.

Given all this, it is recognized that the best protein for muscle mass set - whey.Next to it is a casein, since it protects the athlete from muscle catabolism during sleep.

Often the question arises, whether the harmful protein.Since this is just a normal protein, no.Harmful recognized by its excess.

The diet semidesyatikilogrammovogo normal human caloric needs are generally equal to 2500 calories a day, the proteins are about 100 grams - is 410 Kcal.

Menu actively engaged athlete of the same weight should include up to three additional grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, that is, the total of 175 he got to eat 275 grams of protein, which is 1128 Kcal and 3000 Kcal in total day.

If an ordinary person or a beginner athlete who increased consumption of protein is not necessary, will still use it, the use of the protein would be for him doubtful.It is fraught with negative consequences, including:

  • overweight and related problems;
  • with insufficient intake of water possible dehydration;
  • blockage of the renal pelvis;
  • acceleration of urolithiasis;
  • may be pain in the stomach area.

The conclusion is that proteins can be taken, but that there were no side effects, it is necessary to comply with the permissible limits.

cost protein

cost of protein depends on its biological value - Percentage of digestible protein: from vegetable proteins it is less than that of animals.Consequently, the vegetable protein will be cheaper.

also affects the way in which the protein is made.Price powder obtained by microfiltration (isolate) higher than the concentrate.A hydrolysates, which are obtained by enzymatic treatment, are even more expensive.

To reduce the cost of the product up to 10%, many manufacturers are mixed with concentrates isolates.

cost protein powder, and also varies depending on the advertised brand, here plays the role of trust and affection consumers.

Russian protein for domestic consumers is the cheapest product (for example, the aforementioned "Atlas" costs from 250 rubles per 1 kg), but even that does not add to his popularity.It's all in the manufacturing process: it turns low-concentration powder or a mixture of low-cost ingredients.

The choice is up to the buyer.However, the fact is that some prefer to cheap powders and others believe that the baby food mixed with powdered milk, fit much better than cheap protein mixture.

when taking proteins

The main benefit of the protein and its efficiency in the use of fall between meals.And while eating menu can be supplemented with protein Badami, along with protein-rich natural diet.

Among the athletes, there are certain time frames receiving protein supplements.The rules are:

  • morning should take whey protein, because after a night of muscles are in a catabolic state;
  • between meal snacks useful casein protein due to its slow processing - he restock muscle;
  • for half an hour after classes need to drink a cocktail of freeze-dried protein;
  • bedtime perfect whey protein.

How to make a protein in the home

To make a protein shake, you need to forty grams of protein powder to add in a couple of glasses of juice, water or low-fat milk and then mix thoroughly.Store this cocktail is allowed no more than two hours.

For a good whipping powder cocktail has a special device in the form of a cup with a mesh insert for better breaking lumps - shaker.Place in container necessary components, it requires intense shake a couple of minutes.It turns out perfectly whipped, smooth cocktail.

But there is another option: there is nothing better, how to make a protein from natural products on their own.This will require a blender and the ingredients for mixing.Some of the recipes are as follows:

  1. Milk powder - 3 tbsp.l., gelatin - 15 g, 3 eggs, juice - 2 tbsp., 1 tbsp.l.honey.
  2. low fat cottage cheese - 4 tbsp.l., Eggs - 2 pcs., juice or milk - 400 g, a fruit ice.
  3. yoghurt - 50 g, milk - 200 g cream - 80 g, one banana, oatmeal - half a cup.
  4. milk - 2 tbsp., Ice cream - 100 grams, one egg and one piece of fruit.
  5. Blueberries - 80 g cream - 100 g of cocoa - 1 tbsp.l. milk - 400 g
  6. Chocolate (cocoa) - 30 g low-fat cottage cheese - 50 g, orange juice - 1 tbsp., half a banana.
  7. Cottage cheese - 250 g, two bananas, yogurt - a half-liter, jam or syrup - 150 g

Thus you can easily prepare homemade protein.Its price will be low, and the quality of taste - always on top, because you can add a variety of your favorite fruit.Take home a protein shake is useful instead of breakfast and before bedtime.