Wand Dionysus ivy-covered leaves and grapes (photo)

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If you think of ancient Hellas, the more likely we are familiar with its gods and heroes.However, it should be emphasized that they did not arise suddenly, not simultaneously.And the view that the gods lived on Mount Olympus low - this is a very old idea that the Greeks rather quickly overcome and settled their gods in dizzying heights.

one of the ancient gods was Dionysus.His cult is related to the cult of the dark and mysterious Hecate.Then began the Greek religion, like all the archaic religions, with shamanic initiations, involving women who have in their hands the rod of Dionysus.It was a plea to the gods of fertility and good luck.These were the orgiastic cults - rural festivals of Dionysus.Ancient enchants the unpredictable nature of man.They adorn themselves with wreaths of vine leaves, and the rod of Dionysus helped relying on him to move quickly through the mountains and hills and plains.

appearance of Dionysus

his tragic phenomenon of the world: he was born three times.He was conceived by Zeus from the beautiful mortal woman Semele, daughter of the Theban king Cadmus.Zeus Semele swore an oath to fulfill its unbreakable any request.And clever jealous Hera, Semele and wanting to kill her child, she said, "If Zeus loves you as claims will be let to you in all its grandeur."Zeus could not refuse, and appeared in all its splendor.Lightning strikes shook the palace, from the bright lightning in the hands of Zeus, a fire broke out.Semele died, but gave birth to a boy feeble.He was to die in a fire.But immediately around the child grew thickets of lush green ivy, closed from the fire and saved him from death.

Zeus sewed up the boy in his hip, he grew up there and was born a second time.Zeus gave his foster sister of Semele and her husband Atamantu.Hera send down on Atamanta madness, and he killed his son and was about to kill Dionysus.But Zeus did not allow this.Hermes Dionysus suffered foster nymphs.

So Dionysus escaped death three times.And raised a beautiful god, always beautiful and young, to teach people how to grow grapes and make wine from it.He gave people strength, joy and fertility.Wand Dionysus became its symbol.And all the women who participated in Dionysos, were in the hands of ivy-covered rod of Dionysus.

Dionysian Mysteries

In the cold season - late fall and even winter, obedient Greek women threw their homes and families.They began to gather in the streets and squares to drink undiluted wine, dancing to rhythmic music, rocking slowly at first, then faster and faster.Each carried a rod of Dionysus.At this time, it did not dare to approach a man: it was a special magic worship of Dionysus, for an abundant harvest, for protection against hunger, disease and death.For starters, a wildly dancing and laughing, they feasted and violated all conceivable and inconceivable taboos: drinking strong undiluted wine (it should have been open to them the truth, to give way to other worlds), food scattered haphazardly.They likened themselves to the gods that no laws were written, and they can.

Where were mysteries

They were held in the dark tracts, in the hills near the sea.Dionysus was the god of the dark, in contrast to the clear harmonious Phoebe, who all clear, sunny, tuned calculated.And the cult of Dionysus was originally predominated, as the god of wine, wine, fun, dancing and ecstatic mystical rapture.There were a collective enthusiasm and very powerful hallucinations.This tells the terrifying legend.King Pentefey does not recognize the god Dionysus.But he is a king in the guise of a wanderer and a very cruel joke on the king: the king Dionysus carries on bacchanalia, which generally can not appear to men.Bacchae under the influence of hallucinations Pentifeya take over the lion.They tear it apart, and a mother raises her son's head on the rod and solemnly carries the palace.And then he begins to see his mother.

retinue of Dionysus

In Greece, all its islands and settlements walks young Dionysus in a wreath of grapes.Around him revolve in dance, singing and shouts of delight maenads and Bacchantes, jumping drunken satyrs with goat legs.Behind all driven by a donkey strongly tipsy Silenus - he can no longer move.Beside him the wineskin.A fun walk the Earth God.It is the sound of music on the lawns and green valleys, the mountains and woods in the olive groves filled with fruit.All joy full life in his power.

Wand Dionysus ivy-covered leaves and grapes, recalls how he was saved from the flames, and how to teach people to winemaking.